Uwe Steger presents the strangest accordion video you will see today

How I sneered at the Roland V-Accordion when it was first launched. Now I've seen this video of long-haired accordion maestro Uwe Steger promoting MIDI accordion accessories created by some guy. Accordion + vocoder + pitch shift = a winning combination. (Thanks, Moonie)

Holy Mary Mother of God.

'Strange' does not do it justice.

I feel almost violated or something.
I wonder what he would be capable of if he didn't have his accordion to satisfy his perversions
... but then again I was watching to the end. What does that say about me?
I would love to hear what Yann Tiersen would produce with one of those ;)
That is, without a doubt, the most wild thing I've seen in a long time.
that man is purely fantastic.
Its just a comedy,The music is edited and synthetizer was used with the accordion

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fist-bitingly wince inducing
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thank you for showing me this.
Hehehe.i can't stop laughing. Holy Mary Mother of God.

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