The Music Thing Xmas Gift Guide

UPDATE: Here's the 2007 Music Thing Christmas Gift Guide
I think it must be pretty much impossible to buy music geek presents for music geeks. But if I had to try...
£8.99 Editors Keys: Little sticky labels to make Cubase/Sonar/Reason much easier
$10-40 T-Shirts for music geeks: Let me know if you find more
$12 An album by Link Wray: The coolest stocking filler you'll ever see
$17.95 Electric Kazoo: Cheaper than a theremin, and twice as noisy.
$23 Buddha Machine: Giving a CD = boring. Giving a tiny electronic music box = not boring
£19.99 Paper pipe organ kit: Will keep you very busy on Boxing Day
$39 Dubstation: I'm not sure software is a suitable festive gift, but this amazing dub box is a great virtual stocking filler
$49.99 GuitarPlug: Add a USB port to any guitar
£35 Mojobow: Single string slide guitar. Rockin!
$55 Speakjet Voice Synthesizer: For talking like Hawking
$59 Pink Flying V Ukulele: The guitar your kids really want
$77/Octave Chromatic desk bells: As used by Meg White
£59 Wesley Perspex Kids Guitars: Perfect 'for the kids'… (May be out of stock)
$110+ Transparent Les Paul: In case you don't have kids.
$100 (per month) Dotcom Modular Synth Subscription: By the summer, you'll be making noises
$149 Hottie Amps: They'll think you've given them a toaster! They'll be wrong!
$154: Paia Fatman: Analog synth kit, if you love the smell of solder in the morning
£100+ A Vintage Reel-to-Reel. Click to search eBay for (revox, studer, teac) +reel, or trawl car boot sales
$140 Blue Snowball: Amazing looking USB microphone. Remember the huge shock mount
$159 Drumometer: Join the world's fastest growing extreme sport: Really fast drumming
$179 Ampeg Scrambler: The originals cost $1000. These don't
$180/octave Bigfoot Keyboard: Batteries not required for more Xmas morning hilarity
£130 Riyaz Master Tabla Machine: Self contained Indian drum machine
$289 Moolon Pedals: Amazing engraved effects pedals from Asia
£220 MFB Synth II: Tiny, cheap analog Minimoog clone with a sequencer
¥39,800 Fernandes ZO-3 Travel Guitars: Available in any colour except boring, although mainly Jap only
$300 TC Electronic Pedals: Just the best looking pedals in the world (I reckon)
$407 Stroh violin:Amazing amplified acoustic violin, used by Tom Waits
$425 Sonar Axe: Just to see the look on Granny's face when they open the parcel on the 25th
$429 Memory Lane: Diamond's very clever analog delay pedal
$499 iMP Tube Amp: The best looking little hifi amp ever (thanks Chris)
£350-ish Moog Prodigy: The best bang-for-the-buck vintage Moog money can buy
$699 Future Retro Revolution: It's roundy, it's white, it's analog and it's bleepy
$729 Moogerfooger Analog Delay: Buy it for your newborn and say it's an investment
€2190 Lemur: Incredibly sexy and clever. Looks like an old computer monitor
What do you want for Christmas? Share in the comments


Hmm, Moog Prodigy, eh? Mine's currently on ebay going for £205 currently, no reserve and a day or so to go.

Go on, bag yourself a vintage xmas pressie bargain!!
I just got one of these diode necklaces for my wife.

After I got it there was a little caution notice about lead. Are they really that dangerous? Anyone know about diodes specifically?
I'm gonna get a rode NT1-a
and maybe a cheap midi interface
i've asked santa/satan for a cute little
blue vinyl killer....

Another Christmas Gift Recommendation!
I just tried the Sienzo Digital Music mentor $49 from and got great results.
Automatically detects and displays chords and bass tabs from any song in your pc or CD-collection!
Here's my list:

1. A 10-gallon tub of Haribo gummy cola bottles

2. A portable DAT recorder with a stereo field mic

3. A Hammond B3

4. A single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat
Soooo. I got to the line that read "iAmp tube amp", and gee, I got all excited, see. I thought Euphonic Audio had actually built themselves (and us) a tube amp. Based on their track record, this would be nothing less than stellar. Well, sadly it ain't so, but is just a typo.

Please correct "iAmp" to read "iMP"!

Plug for:

BugBrand Contact Mics
- ace'n'tidy piezo contact mics for cheap. (you can, though, get them cheaper by making them yourself.)

I've got a couple of WeevilFrames (sonic picture frames) about to go on the shop page too (& can do custom ones of them) - kind of like CrackleBoxes - direct descendant of a musicthing ebay-of-the-day several months back.!.

PLEASE SANTA bring me a YAMANO hand roll piano!!!
Got my Drumometer two days after Christmas and I love the damn thing. It's totally addicting!

Now I don't have time to play doom, quake, vice city, all because of you. hehe!


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