Guitar amps made from toasters

Hottie Amps: They're made from toasters, with 9v batteries, 6 inch speakers, outputs to drive an external speaker cab, solid state amp. $149, $99 if you supply your own toaster, $299 for the custom airbrushed flame-finish version. Sample review quote: "The Hottie distorts quickly, spreading its transitory grind at home-approved volume through the two toast slots." (Thanks Britul)

It could only be cooler if it was tube.

"Hotties have an input jack and an output jack ... that's it."

So, it's probably like one of those lil' "Smoky" amps they put in cig packs with a better speaker, and cool vibe. Those are actually quite nifty...

I'd still rather save up for the Z-Vex Nano-head... I wonder if he'd put one in a toaster for me??

Oh, and just to share a bad joke, I recently bought an Epi Valve Jr., and told the sales guy, "Yep, two inputs, one output, and two knobs... Reminds me of my wife."

A great FREE download resource for thousands of classic era Amplifier & Effect Schematics.

Keep that vintage gear alive and well!
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