Awesome 'musical' plasma globe

Not much more to add to this crazy theremin / plasma globe video, really. Made by SF band The Bad Hand.

i'd put 100 pesos on that noise being just a bat detector plugged into a guitar amp. *bites nails*
I remember doing this too. Just get a radio, switch it to AM-mode and wave your hands around the ball.
Tom I lost your email. I just had an idea for further research, The Publison Sampler. Apparently Prince really dug it and was used as late as 2000. I cannot find any meaningful info on it. Can you post on this thing?
It reminds me of the late Michel.
Putting the word musical in quotes does not make it musical. What you have there is a plasma globe making a horrible noise. Not music. Not Music Thing.
That's a pre-fifties comment. :-)

"Putting the word musical in quotes does not make it musical. What you have there is a plasma globe making a horrible noise. Not music. Not Music Thing."

my yes, and whats with those kids and their rock and roll, I say why can't they all just listen to henry purcell like good honest people
Not music? Sounds like someone has an underdeveloped auditory cortex. I prescribe listening to the Merzbox ( After that, your brain should be properly conditioned to appreciate modern music. You shouldn't feel bad. People rioted the first time Stravinsky played "Le Sacre du Printemps", and now we barely find it dissonant.
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Ah sarcasm. Just what the internet needs.

My auditory cortex is quite developed thank you. I am quite capable of understanding that musical tastes and styles develop over time, and that what seems unmusical today may well become accepted in the future. People inherently do not like change and the shock of the new is often the shock. And yes, I do understand atonality. I may not like atonal music, but it is music. And no, I do not think everybody should be listening to Purcell. Handel yes, Fauré yes, Purcell no.

But that does not make meaningless noise into 'music'. Even Tom accepted that this was not music since he put the word musical into quotes, thereby distancing it in his opinion from that which is musical. So somebody has found a way to make a nasty noise and control it. That is still not music. No, not because it is discordant or harsh or surprising. It's just noise. Grow up and pull your art house wankers heads out of your art house wankers arses. Just because somebody has made a spiteful fuzzbox does not make it music.

And now I shall go and listen to Tom's recording of Ralph McTell's 'Streets Of London'. Now that is 'musical'.
i like gummy bears
This comment has been removed by the author.
The only difference between noise and music

i've seen plenty of weird creations come through music thing that weren't music, like simple soft synths with web interfaces as well as plenty of other noise makers. it takes you making use of this "thing" to make music. the same goes for the plasma globe. even if you dont think the video is musical, it should be obvious that the device in question could be used for music and is therefore a "music thing."

As it is in all artistic endeavors, it's never about the tools. It's about the people who wield them.

I can see a use for this, but the guy doing it in the video just ain't there yet.
I made this thing in order to make a lot of crazy noise and have a good time while doing it. I like noise/sound of any kind, these things interest me. I don't understand why everyone cares so much about whether or not it is music. Music is everywhere, in your footsteps, in you car blinker, in your heartbeat and anywhere there is a rhythm I hear music. I feel sorry for anyone who is too stubborn to hear music in everything. Everyone should calm down, stop judging and listen, it's all around you.
Cool invention! Cute guy! Frustrating absence of objective discourse responding to video of aforementioned invention being played by guy!
Just agreeing that it's the user, not the instrument that makes music. I could make just as much noise with a piano as I could with this thing, and as other have pointed out, one could easily make music with this very interesting device.
When I watch a youTube video about someone demonstrating a plug-in or guitar pedal, I don't necessarily think of the demonstator's noodlings or bleepings as being compositions, per se. Still, I don't feel the need to argue the definition of "music" in the video's comments.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with critically examining our terminology and language. We should actually all be doing it far more... just in the appropriate forum. Is it just me, or does this whole internet thing seem to lead normally reasonable and intelligent people to needlessly butt heads over what usually amounts to nothing.
it's just you
you owe me 100 pesos.
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