Who the hell is Robert Schroder, and why would I spend €850 on a cardboard model of his studio?

Thanks to the always wonderful Matrix Synth for alerting me to Robert Schroder, some kind of German new-age synth pioneer guy. On his website, he sells a kit to make a 1/10th scale model of his studio (Atari ST, Roland XP-60 workstation from 1998, old Tascam desk, antique Sony F1 betamax audio recorder). Each item is sold separately, as a flat piece of card. You have to cut it out, fold it, and glue it yourself. If you bought the full studio, it would cost €281.50. He'll cut them out for you, if you're willing to pay around €500. By comparison: here is a completely free papercraft Moog Modular, here is a pre-cut, pre-scored Arp 2600 for €15. Then, of course, is the mind-bogglingly beautiful and awesome work of Daniel McPharlin, who builds beautiful little cardboard synths and sells them (very quickly) for €60-80. (via Matrix Synth)

The animated gif on his web site made me laugh so hard that i was almost sick.
Hi there!
Long time lurker, first time commentor.
I somehow missed the cute 'free' Moog cutouts and the link seems to have expired..has any kind reader downloaded them at some point and is ready to pass them on? Thanks!


there is still my free and easy version of a Moog Modular cut-out available here since January 2005:

keep on turning these knobs

Till "Qwave" Kopper
FWIW, I'm a huge robert Schroder fan.
Nothing new age about his music, check out 'computer voice' and 'Paradise' (in particular the stunning "time machine").

Given he's a bit of a synth geek (he built one of those modulars himself) why not sell what you do for your hobby?

Ok, I wouldn't buy it, but I do think they're kinda cool :-)
Here's the Arturia Moog Modular V papercraft model:

Thanks a ton, Alex and Till!
nice blog
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