Awesome bike-mounted soundsystem in India

Anonymous writes: "My friend just got back from India, where she attended a wedding and saw some amazing home-grown mobile sound systems and bands." Here is the scene above, with the dude under the umbrella rocking what looks like a Roland SPD-20, and here is an incredible bike-mounted sound system. I think the two shots show parts of the same huge carnival float. MT has a few readers in India (70 visits in the last week) - please send pics if you have this kind of thing on your doorstep...

yeah man, i saw one in india with a 3 minimoogs hook up to it and a couple kids were playing chords al together, it was amazing
I'm from India.. Never knew this sort of thing would be an interest to MT. :-) I'll see if I can get some pics the next time if I get to see something like this.
Of course we did it in Enlgand first!! (Maybe!)

Rinky Dink started in 1990 and came together through the meeting of the road protest movement and the rave scene. For which of course you need mobile dance music!

It now comprises four bicycles, a tandem and a trailer and produces its own power through a custom made 120 watt permanent magnet generator. It has turntables, tape players, a DAT machine and a mixer for several microphones so that live music can be accomodated.

They also have some large snail shell horns loaded speakers on wheels which are suprisingly loud!
Photos of Deejays & *turntables* on bicycles down under ( as part of )
They also put drummers, drum sets and keyboards on vegetable carts in Bombay.
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