Nearly eBay of the Day: Boss Bass Synth Watch

Nick writes: "I just purchased this from TradeMe, NZ's version of Ebay." Damn! Does this mean there's a whole range of Boss effect pedal watches out there?

I think this person would've made a fortune selling this on the one and only eBay. Oh well their loss.
oh man... I had my hopes up there for a second-I thought it was actually a MINI boss effects pedal set into a watch, sort of like the Seiko drum machine watch! Oh well, one can hope.
Any word on behringer copying these yet!
I am the new proud owner.. and very happy with my purchase.. $105 NZ $ = $65 USD.. :D
One can only hope such posts as the amazingly awesome (and yellow!) Seiko drum-machine watch, and this one, will trigger some awesome push to make electronic musical devices into watches. I mean, come on?! Wouldn't that be awesome?! 4 guys up on a stage just playing their watches in sync...oh wait, that's Kraftwerk, nevermind...

In any case, awesome idea! I mean, wouldn't YOU buy a mini Korg MS-20 watch?...AND have patch cables coming out of the thing? Gah!
the music store i frequent in Nottingham has, on the front desk, a limited edition Boss OD-1 mug!!!

oh yes.

i can't help everytime i go in there offering an ever-increasing price for it but they wont relinquish... when will this torture end?!
I'd go for the RolexRoland TR-range
I also have a bright yellow Boss Turbo Overdrive OD-2 Pedal shaped back pack...

And mini Yamaha DX7 badges...

Oh dear...

I really should get out more.
pics or stfu
Eeww, that watch is all kinds of gross. I wouldn't put that thing on my wrist. Watches are watches effect pedals and drum machines are musical instruments. Women however, are appliances and should be treated as such...
I would avoid and TR-range based material..that's overdone all over the place includin t-shirts.
But some obscure synths would be dope as watches... such as .... um... er, oh some old monosynth! (my ability to meld design and synth form has suddenly been lost..)
The mini mini moog??
Yeah Moogs and monosyths aren't over done.

I have a really cool MiniMug coffee mug mad by Moog Music. It's got a layout of a MiniMoog on it, but it'd be cool if they would have changed all the knobs to say things like "Cream" and "Sugar".
That must be the nerdiest thing I have ever seen... Love it anyhow!
I want a Roland super feedback distortion watch. In my oppinion the best boss effect EVER!!
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