Friday Caption Competition

"Another busy day in the Music Thing office"
"Holy crap! That guy's got a yellow and grey Frietag bag!"
"I may not have a drum machine, but my shirt matches the keyboard"
I'm sure you can do better. Lose 500 points for "You sunk my battleship".
Picture is actually MT reader Nicholas D Kent and John Blackford (there are very restful sound samples on their page, which might help you think).

"so John, When exactly are you going to get a table?"
"Mr. Watson. Come Here. I need you."
You sunk my battleship!
don't cross the streams!
And here we see the Kings of Cupertino beta testing the newest color iPod chair.


Ikea designers hard at work on their latest virtual furnishing emulator


"My new-fangled Global Postitioning System has narrowed down your precise location to......somewhere....on......the other side..... of....this chair"
can we caption this one next?

You sunk my battleship!

WTF I came in here to say the exact same thing!
Me, too... Alas, we'll have to go with:

"Should I increase the wattage, Dr Milgram?"
Chairmen of the (switch)boards

Please forgive me!!!
"....That's tonight at 8, on

When Amish Go Wrong!"
When Amish Go Wrong!

"What happens when I twiddle this knob?"
"All the people who suggested 'You sunk my battleship' get electrocuted."
"If only I could tickle his thigh, well I guess i'm stuck twiddling my own knob".
"If you hadn't sold the table we wouldn't be sitting on the floor."

"Well, if I hadn't sold the table, we wouldn't have had the money for this gear!"
"Don't give me any of that intelligent life crap, just give me something I can blow up."


"All right, bomb, prepare to receive new orders..."

["Dark Star", for anyone wondering.]
"Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy, come in Danny Boy"
This gives "BlueNote Records" a whole new meaning.
hey, this mirror seems to be some kind of portal into the 1970's...
"We've switched their coffees to Sanka, and their Synthis to Casio V-Tones. Let's see if they notice."

/I spy a Casio on the Synthi to the right
//not complaining or nuthin
\\\my slashies broke
the knee bone's connected to the sample and hold, the ankle bone's connected to the envelope generator.
i think its time we got new laptops.
"You sunk my 606!!!"

See, it's not battleship.
Engineers testing the latest in cost-cutting help-desk technology. One person can patch calls, answer questions, and play "hold" music all at the same time.
Worst caption goes to the one in this story: "Rumsfeld gestures during his speech."

Wow. It's like I was there.
If we can up the 'slammin' one more pixel while reducing the 'originality' by 2, Puffy will let us go home!
guy 1 to guy 2: even if we find the frequency to induce female orgasms, how will we find a woman to test it on!? -jm
Congratulations anonymous 9:23, the first one to make me laugh out loud..
"You two guys actually want 4 chairs or a big table!?!
I'm not so sure we have all that."

(as told to nick)
"look well, because you lot'll prolly never see a synthi aks up close, much less two in the same room. suckas."
As heard over loudspeaker:
"squelchy...(spins arrow pointer)...OK boys, now: left foot - envelope!"
guidance is internal
"It's really cool that your mom doesn't charge any rent."
Nicholas and John are forced to torture their chairs while two tables ominously watch on.
Nick (arriving late to the gig): "Who in their right minds decides to glue our synthis to chairs!?!?"
John: "Yeah... uhm... that's... crazy!" (blushes slightly)
"Operator... yes I'll patch you through to Mr Chinbeard now, just a moment please..."
"Got an extra patch pin I can borrow?"
"Anything you can do, I can do better"
get over the chairs, god!
...when mirrors stop working properly.
Ahhh, now I know where that pin I sat on came from!
Carl and Ian found anywhere they could at the American Idol tryouts to practice their scales. Needless to say, neither of them is going to Hollywood, dog.
early cellphones.
"…lite brite making thi-ings with li-i-ight…outtasight making things with lite brite…"
Grimnor uses his +3 synth against goblin 1 *rolls D20*
I'm getting a reading now... apparently it's called a chair
Look, this online dating thing is only going to work if we are honest with each other...I can see you not Blonde,Busty...
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