Geniune reverb over the 'net from Germany

Alex writes: "Some incredibly generous Germans have set up a mike and speaker inside a huge concrete tank that used to be filled with water for steam trains. Thru the website you send a sample, it gets played out into the tank - and the result sent back to you in stereo! Which is nice of them. I had a go at doing my version of Alvin Lucier "Sitting in a room". This [mp3] is the 5th generation. Pretty sweet!"
It's called and it really works - when I tried it, it took about 30 seconds from uploading to getting my file back. It must be cool standing in the tank hearing all the weird noises coming in from all over the world.

No idea if it's still running but used to do a similar thing in an old grain silo in Montreal, Canada.
I know that the silophone is still in Montreal and if you are ever there it is an amazing thing to check out.

Of course they could just pipe those uploaded soundfiles through Altiverb and nobody would realize the difference :-)
I tried it some time ago but the sound came mixed with all kinds of noises. Glad to see somebody could make it work.
I love this kind of thing... is great too, still going as far as i know, give it a go...

The cool thing with silophone (tho i never tried due to not being in Canada) is that you can actually phone up and speak/play sounds thru it, as well as uploading them.

I remember reading about some 70s phone preaking/hacking stuff where a guy called an adjacent phone box but with the call routed right around the world, resulting in a long delay. Would be cool to use that as an effect on a track! :)
I saw a cool documentary on phone phreaking once, and it had a guy on it that could make free long distance calls by mimicing differnt dial tones with his voice! He should make an album with Rhazel!
that would be the infamous captain crunch :)
He didn't do the sounds with his voice (thats an urban legend said about a lot of phreakers, like Kevin Mitnick for example), captain crunch used a whistle that he found in a "Captain Crunch" cereal box (guess where his name came from ...). The whistle produced a 2600hz tone that was used by Bell engeneers to make free test calls, exactely what "blue-boxes" would do in the 70' and 80'
Yeah, but while altiverb is great and all, it doesn't really glue like a lush silo.
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