eBay of the day: Machine Gun shaped bass guitar

It comes with a real built-in laser sight. Nothing more to add, really. Here it is. Guitar Center are selling it, and looking for $2,400. More guitars shaped like guns here, here and here. (Thanks to Tom, who has a cool site)

interesting place in the net...
Enough "guitars shaped like weapons" rubbish. How about guitars shaped like fish, or guitars shaped like... umm... Well, how about an interesting story instead?
The pacman ones my favorite...

what a pretentious name!!!
A pretentious right-wing nutjob wrote: "I think people should focus on actually being able to play a guitar instead of having an eccentric one"
Not on Music Thing they shouldn't!
He may be a pretentious right-wing nutjob, but apparently he's also a ninja. I fear that your fate is sealed...
How about a Penis-shaped guitar? I bet you didn't see this one cum...Uh, I mean coming.

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