Recording on the move: Now it's ugly

There's something very appealing about recording outside. Who wouldn't want to be Alan Lomax, or Steve Marshall (who makes 5.1 Surround recordings of things like horses galloping - recorded on horseback). So, in principle, Edirol's new R-1 portable recording thingy is very sexy. It has 24-bit recording and runs on AA batteries and all. But look at it! Edirol's product design is always patchy, but the recent UA25 had a bit of industrial chic. The R-1 looks like a low-end early 90s DAT recorder, and will cost $550. For that kind of money, I want it to look like a Nagra SN (right). And I want some kind of magic whereby I can plug in real microphones that need Phantom Power and XLR sockets. Get me that, and we'll all be out in the fields with acoustic guitars before you can say "Michelle Shocked"

They're not quite as pretty (or small) as a Nagra SN, but the Sound Devices 722/744 HDD recorders ( have that XLR goodness with only the slightest hint of vapour.
I'm one of those who like edirol's designs.

I also dig the look of standard Boss guitar pedals. Simple designs are neat :)
I love those Boss pedal designs. Since I posted this, the look of the R1 has definitely grown on me... Must have been the hideousness of the M-Audio Microtrack that did it ;-)
I didn't feel like mentioning it, but since you're kind of encouraging me...

I absolutely dislike the m-audio designs. Sometimes they want to make things look so cool that they end up with the tackest designs.

The R1 has a simplicity that i really like. Now i want one, i'd have fun with a field recorder :)
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