Stylish cable racks from Synthwood

The sheer volume of cables in my room is getting absurd - patch leads, kettle leads, snakes, USB cables, wall-warts etc. The least of my problems is keeping track of neat, short patch leads. Even so, it's hard not to fall in love with Synthwood's Cable Holder, which comes in a range of hardwood finishes for $35/45. A cheaper alternative is the The Claw from Middle Atlantic Products (as used by Carbon 111). Lifehacker offer 10 ways to get cables under control, by I think my needs are greater than theirs. Any top tips (apart from 'put them in boxes' or 'throw them out'?) Previously: How to roll up your cables (properly)

'now what did i do with that thumb piano?...
Put them in old plastic bags before chucking them in boxes to stop them tangling up.
Pomona makes a series of cable racks, for different diameter cables, model numbers 1508, 2708 and 4408

Search the Pomona site to find them:
cable organization problems?

2 words.
tie racks.

if you're REALLY fancy, get the motorized ones.
I use plastic freezer bags - with the 'zip' closing. Stops them tangling and makes finding the right one a little easier.
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