Billy Alexander, the organ player with no fingers

"Billy Alexander was born with a birth defect on both hands & feet. Many surgeries, 8 years of professional organ lessons..." and here he is, rocking the Hammond B3 at a Church in Monroe MI, and playing the Tom Lanza show in Texas. (Thanks, Gareth)

I really like the new updating frequency. Not sure I can say that about the clip though :P
Most great hammond players frequently pound on the keys with their fists anyway. ;)

Glad this guy is doing what he loves, in spite of everything.
also check out Brian May, the guitar player with no brain.
Yes, he is only an astrophysicist...fuckin' idiot...
how does he smell?
there's another guy like that here in Mexico, I think he's from Monterrey. Plays in a cool prog band
Oh yeah, Brian May. I handed him one of those cards that says "how do you keep an idiot busy for hours? (flip over for answer)" on both sides, and walked away, came back the next day, and he was standing in that same spot, reading it, flipping it, reading it, flipping it... I felt sorry for him so I snatched it out of his hand and he promptly forgot the whole thing.
thumbs up for this guy !
It's always refreshing to see a fellow with no fingers produce better music than wannabees with all 10.
a talented physically-challenged person. very inspiring..
not meaning to be mean, but looks and sounds like he is using some sort of auto-chord system which is probably why the chords are so horrible sounding.
Also - there is no way that is a B3.

He plays way better than me and i've got all my fingers. Bravo.
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