Electro Harmonix makes Bass Blogger pedal, gets written about on blog

Lurking on the Gig Rig / Vintage & Rare Guitars stand at the London Music Show (Ooh La La Synth Mangler FTW!) was this - Electro Harmonix' brand-new Bass Blogger pedal. If you're thinking 'ick, crappy name', then it only gets worse. It's described on the EHX site as "Ultra subtle and perfect distortion creates the perfect dialog with your drummer." Geddit? It's like you're blogging to your drummer! Sending him irregular and poorly spelt updates about your latest, er, notes. In return, he can let you know that, actually, your notes would be better if you'd played them on a Mac. 2/10, Mr Harmonix. Must try harder.


  1. Re: the ooh Lala Synth Mangler, cool as it is, I think the Devi Ever manglers (http://www.deviever.com/fx/bitmangler/ and http://www.deviever.com/fx/dreammangler/index.html) are even more impressive (bigger joysticks too!)

    Devi makes some of the craziest distortion pedals I have ever heard, from pedals that stutter like an old LP to pedals that totally eviscerate your sound...

  2. Is that really any worse than the old EHX "Bass Balls"?

    Or hell, the Big Muff Pi?

  3. Seriously. I LOL'd. Great post.

    Pedal? Meh.

  4. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Bass-Blogger is a "ick, crappy name"?



    The Bass-Blogger!

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