Hedge fund looking for £55m to invest in vintage guitars

The FT reports that a small London bank called Anchorage Captial is seeking investment to buy vintage guitars, having noticed that the Vintage Guitar Magazine price index "averaged returns of 31.6 per cent for the past 17 years". Anchorage is run by guitar enthusiast Thomas Byrne, who is also behind BJ & Byrne Guitars, a new company hoping to build guitars in Britain (actually, in a workshop on Denmark Street in London) and sell them for £500-£900. If anyone out there has £55m to spend on vintage guitars, just send me the cheque and I'll pass it on. (Thanks, Fabio)

Not surprised. Check out Vintage Guitarz for some of what is out there.
Yes, I work for a US based guitar and instrument retailer who-shall-not-be-named. We sell about one vintage guitar every month for about $100,000 to $350,000. The last one was an original '58 Gibson Les Paul for about $230,000. Simply amazing.
Seems like a wise investment to me. I've dabbled in the vintage guitar trade and I've averaged quite a nice return on investment. Much better then playing the stock market and a whole lot more fun!
ABSOLUTELY not surprized !! I've been collecting vintage guitars for 20 years and quite frankly, the above mentioned 31+% average annual return seems extremely low to me. Sounds like a slick combination of combining an investment banker with a vintage guitar background.... who else better to capitalize on a new asset class !
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