Music Thing Gear Sale 2

I'm selling a few bits and pieces to make space in my room:
DSI Desktop Evolver You know all about it - wonderful, clever 4osc analog/digital synth in a tiny blue steel box. This one is signed by Dave Smith above the logo on the top left and I'm selling it because I'd like a MEK. £275
E-mu Vintage Pro 1U rack stuffed with vintage synths, keyboards and kits. Nice mellotron. Four tweaking knobs, endless synth options and midi features. SoS review. £250
Drawmer 1960 Compressor Awesome stereo valve compressor/mic pre magic box. Very good condition. SoS review here. Selling for my friend Michael. £650 pickup only from SE London
Lexicon Vortex Famous minor classic rack effect - delay/mod/oddness effect. This one has slightly glitchy preset knob, but the footpedal works fine. Original box/manual etc. £120.
1963 Silvertone Guitar Built in the US and sold through the Sears Catalogue, I bought this in a record shop in upstate New York many years ago. It's one of these. It's very far from mint condition, it's not a classic vintage guitar, but it does look and sound cool. £120 pickup only (because I'd want you to see it first).

I'll ship and take paypal, but collection (South East London) and cash much preferred. Email me if you have any questions.

I have that same guitar. I added a bigsby to it and now it's one of two of my favorite guitars. Well worth it, folks.
Seems that everyone who owns an Evolver Desktop loves it enough to upgrade to a bigger model - myself included.
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