eBay of the day: Awesome sword guitar with wings

eBay item #170122441600 is a ludicrous gold sword guitar made by ESP, up for $4,500 . It was made for this baroque-looking guy who is Takamizawa, guitarist in Alfee, who has a frickin' awesome collection of stupid guitars. (via Table of Malcontents)

Did someone say it's dragon slaying time? Cause I think I heard someone say it's dragon slaying time.
If it's such an expensive, custom-made instrument, why did they resort to using an Strat-type jack socket turned inside-out on the back? What a nasty little detail.
you're not lying! Also note the ill fit of the neck against the body, and the large paint chip on the back nearby. Guitar paint should not chip before it dents- and a guitar thats getting its worth entirely from its looks should have a better paint job than that.
I swing my sword at the dragon... no wait, this is my axe.... wait, no, it is my sword. OK, so I've got my axe in hand... i mean sword...


That is the ugliest thing I've seen in some time. But then mediocre guitarist try to hid inferior playing behind gadgetry and ludicrous effects
I love the opening words on the auction:

"If you don't need a sword guitar please be sure and check out my "other items" link..."

I mean, is there anyone out there who actually "needs" a sword guitar? :-0
Now if he made one that was carved out of Aluminum or stainless that would be cool..
I mean, is there anyone out there who actually "needs" a sword guitar? :-0
Is there anyone who doesn't!? :)
is / isn't

does / doesnt't

they are all just words floating on a plate of sausages in a back room of the L.A bowling alley in Leeds.
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Nice blog and the guitar looks hot.
Get your blog on some blog lists like Buzzerhut so that more music lovers can see whats on your blog.
Try taking that sword thing through Heathrow Airport.

To be fair, the weird looking Japanese guy does have a Doraemon guitar which is daft yet cool.
Exactly! A doraemon guitar that he trys to put on Doraemon. I want a Doraemon guitar. C'mon, give it to me.
haha, this is the official power metal guitar
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