Awesome custom-made pedals in tweed and snakeskin

Apart from one hideous snakeskin superstrat guitar, I love everything that Basic Audio make - a snakeskin covered wah/filter pedal, a tweed theremin, a ring modulator wrapped in 100 year-old chestnut, and fantastic custom multi-pedal enclosures. They also have a brilliant range of t-shirts - logos from Hammond, Arp, Sequential Circuits, Echoplex etc. I wonder if they'd make me a tweed MPC? (Thanks, Tridact)

The big problem with this is that it means that labelling is invisible...
FWIW, i'm the guy who gave him the idea to do a morricone shirt. looks like he did a nice job...course, i told him to make a dennis wilson and a scott walker tee-shirt as well, so...
Ooh, I'll take a Pacific Ocean Blue-era Dennis shirt, yeah.
I'd be remiss here if I didn't show off my velvet fuzz...

Seven down, two across on that page.
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