Two days to go on the Vemia vintage gear auction

Peter Forrest's latest Vemia synth auction is about to finish. Good news: He's finally fixed the website, which now works properly and relatively smoothly. Bad news: It's not the biggest Vemia ever, but there 's still more cool things here than in a month of eBay (unless you're in this category, of course). Highlights include a crazy rackmounted TR-808 (euww - blue LEDs), an EMS VCS3 for 'only' £900, a beautiful Electrocomp sequencer, a rare Technics monosynth and a tonne of weird bits.

If you open more than one auction at a time, all the image pages show the same item. Look at the link to it, and it's always to the same page, -- with no parameters.

Open it in a new tab, and it shows the last item whose auction page you viewed.

They must be setting a cookie or something in the auction page, then reading it in the image page. That's actually a bigger hassle to code than doing it right.

I hope they didn't pay anybody very much for their shiny new site. If they did, they got ripped off.
Well, yes, I was trying to be nice...
right now it says:

"Session or security error : A problem has been detected by our site. This can be because :"

etc etc etc

vemia is a joke. i am never wasting my time on visiting that site ever again as long as i live.
Woo-hoo! I just bought that Rotel mixer :)
I so hate their interface. You say it's fixed? Maybe I'll give it another year or two until the 'bugs' are worked out.
Thanks for the tip, Tom! My boyfriend totally saved my day and pitched a couple of synths for me as my payday is still a ways off!

- New owner of a jd800, k5000r and a 101
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