Yoshihiko Satoh's 12-necked art guitar

Thanks to Travis, Reid, Circuit Master, Andrew, Make and vvork for letting me know about the bonkers art of Yoshihiko Satoh. His 12-neck stratocaster is functional, and he's also made a pair of clock-like 12-neck circular guitars. See also: Pat Metheney's Pikasso - 4 necks, 42 strings. And guitar superdork, obviously.

With 72 strings, who needs frets? Hook up a keyboard, and we got us here a fine clavinet!
Any tentacled being like Cthulhu would enjoy this axe.
These clock-like 12 necks are great.
Just tune each neck to an open chord, mount the guitar so that it can rotate, set up a fixed pick and spin the guitar around. Automatic chord progression!

Oh and find a way to attach a cable to a spinning guitar without getting all twisted up. Go wireless perhaps?
I thought Rick Nielson was Guitar Superdork. Remember his 5-neck Hamer?
I found this website to compare guitar strings, called Stringlinks.

They don’t sell anything; they just provide a way to compare prices side by side.

The site was created so guitar players could have an easy to use reference of guitar string venders, all in one place.

Just click on a Vender to compare string prices. A new window will open (to their “Strings” page) from each vender; so you don't lose you place.

Check it out at www.Stringlinks.blogspot.com

It’s pretty cool.
A couple of (too much) months ago , i accidentally came along this website . I got to tell you , crazy , but pretty useful , i like it , very experimentally :)
You know , you can even detune every single "neck" ;)

(Joke) When you brake a string , just take the next arm (especially easy with the clock-like-12-neck) :D

Anyway , good luck & succes with these creations :)

4h45.PM -- 28-09-2008
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