This great video from my new all-time favourite synth blog ever: Chip Collection.

This is from a rerun of Germany's 80s pop music tv show "Formel Eins".
This is not a real promotional video but most likely a production for this show only. They used to be quite creative in stage design back then.
I love how there is absolutely nothing going on in the video. The mysterious lady who doesn't seem to give a shit about both the weird outfit she's wearing, the strange setting, the pointless magazine, or the singer, is also very lovable.
It's brilliant! What could be better than model trains with real smoke...
thats a great song, puts a lot of modern stuff to shame, yeah its cheesy but it has a nice feel to it, I can imagine some DJ doing a dance mix of it and having a big hit
Thats P Lion, and the track was produced by Davide Zambelli, it was quite a big hit in the mid 80's, don't knock it as lots of ppl were influenced by this type of stuff.
Listen to Air and tell me you can't hear the influence.

full version for all the true believers :)

Go P Lion!
And there is love for this sort of 80's synth music? It is wonderful that the world is filled with so much variety and that people like this sort of stuff...I suppose. More power to ya.
I like the Kitch of the video...still can't get my head around 80's synth pop, though.
Not liking synth pop? It's like not liking chocolate, I say!

Love the combination of model railroading and synth pop kitsch. That doesn't happen every day.
Sounds an awefull lot like 'Savage' around the same time ;-

80's synth pop was cool.

Off topic: I once put a couple of those pills that produce the toy trains's smoke up my nose, hoping I could breath smoke like a dragon. It didn't work, and I couldn't get them back out again.
Nice! Trains and tunnels and yer sexyloverlady conductor. Not much imagination required! Oh, and was that a Jupiter 6 he was 'playing'?
80s synth pop is is the whole styling that goes with it that sucks!!! :)
definetly not a jupiter 6 as mine doesn't have all that colour on the top row - might be a jupiter 8?
Definately a Jupiter 8. Makes my Juno 106 look like a kids toy....a kids toy with MIDI : ) Long live 80's synth cheese!
for your ( euro 4000 + ) jupiter 8 go to:

and for cheesy great synth pop join the , great streams and forum !
The CBS is the real McCoy
Snub it at your own loss...
Merry Christmas, music thing.

I can play Jingle Bells on my Concertmate-470, without the chords.
Model trains. Synths. I think I just had an orgasm.
Man, I am loving that drum machine. s it native to the keyboard being played, or what?
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