Creepy guitar made from the body of a teenage girl

The Teenar was a 1986 art project by Lou Reimuller (yes, that's him in the middle picture). It's made from a vintage shop window dummy. Previous creepy, slightly NSFW guitars here and here. .. (Thanks to Boing Boing, and whoever sent this to me yesterday - I deleted your post because I saw 'Teenar' in the subject line and thought it was spam...)

Thats fucking creepy
I think I'll stick with my vintage Wangcaster for now.
Hilarious. He should make it able to scream.
Teenar needs a Kaos pad you know where!
Amazing, this was in Richmond? I've been living here for 20+ years and have never seen that guy or guitar...

I'm just wondering... where exactly do you shove in your 1/4" jack? I think that space for the Kaos pad may already be populated.

Anyway, doesn't it seem to be a recurring theme that guys who make these "Gee-Whiz" axes are never actually gigging? I remember deciding I wanted to play guitars, not make them.

Nifty idea.
Ah that's pretty sinister to say the least! Kind of Jake & Dinos Chapman-esque....
it was spam!
Where is tha Jack?
The jack is on the back, on the left, above the waist of the pants. Look at the last picture on the page, which shows the guitar from the back.
Reminds me of the guitar used in the film "Dusk Till Dawn"
I wonder if this alters one's fingering technique.
And I guess the 'G' spot is in a different place now.

Very confusing!
One of the sites says Lou the Teenar luthier is aka Sunset Lou.

If I'm not mistaken, I saw him perform as half of a very bent folk duo, Sunset Lou and the Fabulous Datura. This was back pre-Teenar tho', circa 1984, at the Prism Coffeehouse in Charlottesville VA.

It all kinda hazy now, but it's mostly the material and not any odd instrumentation that I remember. One song had the chorus "I guess they're human anyway . . ."

If it's the same Sunset Lou, holy smoke.
hahah oh man thats the funniest thing ive ever seen
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