First Cubase SX4 screenshots

Thanks to Kirke for passing along this set of early/leaked images from Cubase SX4, showing a distinctly Ableton LIve - inspired look, a useful-looking 'Control Room' routing matrix, and various new plugins. The ever-loyal official forums already has 11 pages of people saying how much it's going to suck... UPDATE: Here are the images without any hosting BS: 'Mystic' plugin, 'Control Room' patching, something boring, 'Prologue' plugin, 'Spector' plugin, a channel strip, main screen.

Maybe 'Zee Churmunzz' ver not so happy with the early release ?

It appears the Shots have been pulled from that site.

You can find the pictures in this topic here:

I'm not sure what I think about the look, but I won't be using it anyway.
Yep, they surely borrowed some interface clues from Ableton. 2d controls are the way to go for legibility, IMO.
Yeah, I started routing a long time ago.

The synth plug-ins look more like Logic's ES2 to me. The interface is almost a direct rip.
every single one of those places, the audioninjahz page, and the musiciansfriend page, wrapped the jpegs in some stupid bit of software that made it less convenient to view, musiciansfriend as java new windows, and audioninjahz in some weird bit of java. both slower than holding down control to open in new window in mozilla, which lets pics load in the background. i absolutely hate stupid design fetishism and bad programming that gets in the way of nippy browsing. and now i've wasted two minutes ranting about it here. sheesh.
wow, the cubase forum seems full of dinks...

what are you people using these days for a daw?
I always liked Cubase's latest look. This look is pretty good. 1/3 old look, 1/3 Logic, 1/3 Abelton.

I'd have bought it, but it ran ass-slow on the mac, and crashed a lot on the PC.

Looked good tho. This new version looks pretty good tho.
always preferred Nuendo over Cubase as my fav DAW

but my fav sequencer is still Ab Live
Yeah, but can I use a side-chain input on a compressor VST without having to use some surround-sound multichannel trick?
seriously, how is this even a product that attempts to capture real sound via mics. It's as if Neve asked Picasso to design a mixing desk.

What's wrong with a fader? it's too simple?
Well, interface appeal is as important as audio quality today. Just look at those beautiful Native Instruments interfaces, and you'll know one of the reasons why they're so popular.

On the long run, however, quality, ease of use, and other important qualities will decide if these products are really good and the users will finally choose to stick to them or not.
wow...shut up people...go out and do something
"always preferred Nuendo over Cubase as my fav DAW"

Always? Must have been tough before Nuendo came out.
i agree with bengoldacre
LOL I remember Cubase so old hat now, was good in the early 90's on the Atari though - where it looked its best IMHO. Do people actually still use Cubase? Music software is so boring and "me too" isn't it? Maybe thats why 99% of modern music is shite.
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