UPDATE: Kraftwerk's old vocoder sells for $12,500

So, the Kraftwerk vocoder auction finished yesterday, and 60,000 hits on the auction page, it sold for $12,500 to a bidder from London called mjgooner. Presumably he's an Arsenal fan, and recently bought a nice-looking 1993 Alfa Romeo Spider, and a Bob Moog doll. If you're out there, mjgooner, get in touch and let us know how it feels!

Hey have you guys heard of the film MUSIC FROM THE INSIDE OUT???

After opening in theaters all over the country and after a national airing on PBS, it’s now finally available on DVD! It’s being offered exclusively through the web store at: http://store.emergingpictures.com.

And there’s a special DVD affiliate program available to organizations who want to earn money back by promoting the film to their constituents and beyond. For more information, contact distribution@emergingpictures.com.

For more information on the film and to view a trailer, you can visit: www.MFTIO.com

MUSIC FROM THE INSIDE OUT is an inspiring look at the power of music as told through the musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker Daniel Anker weaves together a remarkable mosaic of the stories, ideas, experiences and music-making that form the heart of these musicians lives, both inside and outside the concert hall. In doing so, we ultimately get the essence of the magic and mystery of music itself.

Here’s what some critics had to say about the film:

“PROFOUND AND MOVING!...uncommonly perceptive and inspiring.”

-The New York Times

“UNFORGETTABLE. Beautiful and utterly ENTRANCING!”

-San Francisco Chronicle

“EXHILARATING!...required viewing for anyone interested in the mysteries of creative inspiration!”

-The New York Daily News


-The American Film Institute
omg stfu k thx.
I would what would happen if we put the whole Philadelphia Orchestra through a vocoder.
why pay so much for a vocoder? it's not like owning it will make anyone come up with a great record.

it's also quite crusty looking, which suggests a fair bit of maintenance will be required in order to get it back up to spec.
to the guy above, why pay 300 grand for a violin, its not like owning it will make you a great record.

to own a a one of a kind vocoder build for kraftwerk is the electronic music equivlent of owning a Cristofori piano build for Bach...which in my opinion 12k is a slim fee for.
Hmmm, Wonder what my "Original" Taurus II Bass Pedals would bring in?...

I'll I'm sure of, in this uncertain world, is that I'll not be watching MUSIC FROM THE INSIDE OUT on point of principle.
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