The most expensive guitar pick ever? (It's $135)

Unless anyone can tell me otherwise, I think that the $135 "Custom Monulista Pick from Sweden", carved out of metorite rock, is the most expensive pick I've ever seen, part of a range from It makes the fantastically high-tech Light Pick (which not only glows, but flashes with "seven different programmable beat patterns", seem very reasonable at $59. (Thanks to the rather splendid band The Shamblers)

There's one here for $280:
Wow, even more than the fossilized wooly mammoth ivory picks.
Wank, wank, wank...
Not one to flick out into the audience!
I sure hope you're talking about the pick G.L.
A bit to much for a pick of any kind...

I like the ones I made myself from Nickles, Dimes, Brass and other things but there never really practical...

The ones I did purchase that were made of Stone and Agate are nice but again not a practical thing to use everyday when playing Rock Music...
This is why Yngwie Malmsteen, not Superman, is the fastest guitar player in the universe. It's that damn meteor rock.
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