The Museum of Techno

Here is a very entertaining series of tutorial videos, teaching the basics of dance music production, presented by Joseph Cornwell and Dave Braidy. My favourite line is "The waveforms are beautiful. They look rather like sheep. See, a tail there, and perhaps an ear. Or even a horn". Even despite the beards, the sherry, and the boring 'setting up' bit, this video made me briefly want to buy myself a drum kit and learn to play breakbeats...

Hilarious!!! Sometimes I just love the internet. Sometimes I'm afraid the boss will find out what I really do at work.
Dan - I need to see you in my office right away!
See now I really want a Juno and some sherry.
A drum kit is much more efefctive than therapy. And cheaper too!
Fuck therapy, I just GOT my sherry... Still waiting for my Juno, though (and my JX-8P, which Roland is trying to repair for me as we speak, don't worry)
these are awesome! too bad they don't actually teach you anything aside from fashion sense in the 5th installment
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