Nokia's 'Russian Musical Suit' vs McRorie

If it hasn't arrived already, one of your mates is probably about to email you this YouTube clip, or send you to the website to see a funny clip of a guy (is he David 'Elsewhere' Bernal?) in a green suit, dancing and making crazy electro sounds. It seems like a shame that, right now, Britain's highest form of art is the corporate-funded viral video (i.e. this show at the ICA). In this case, you can just imagine gang of 30-something Barleys sitting round in Clerkenwell:
Dude A: "Well, Nokia have given us £MetricFuckton of cash to do something innovative and creative and viral. Obviously we've spent 3/4 of the budget on gak, so what are we going to do?"
Dude B: "There was that one guy from that one website, McRorie. That was some funny shit! Lets rip it off and spend loads of money on it!"
All: "Sweet!"
But the thing is, McRorie is real, and this isn't. And the whole thing is an attempt to promote Nokia's lamentable N91 phone, which is a first-generation iPod Mini strapped to a year-old brick phone. It does make me wonder whether the Lordi/Eurovision thing was another elaborate Nokia-backed prank, masterminded from a open-plan hotdesk somewhere near you... (Thanks, Ash)

The problem is that guy doesn't sync up well enough to the music in order to fool me into believing he's actually controlling it.

McRorie is the shit because what you see is what you get. Every note played, and sample triggered is done by him in real time. The result just "feels" real as the timing and expression is that of a musical performer. The Russian clip looks like a shitty knock-off in comparison.
This was done better twenty years ago by Laurie Anderson, who sewed a drum machine into a jumpsuit and performed in it. It was featured on her concert movie "Home Of The Brave".
Its all a pack of lies! Germany has won the Contest!

Eurovision: The German Horrorkabinett wins Song-Contest!
They cant govern and they cant sing neither: Still the German Horror-Kabinett won!
Get all the Infos and Pics at!
Eurovision: German Horror-Kabinett wins!
OOOH, this would look great at a cosplay event.

Also great for the full body spandex fetishes.

What a great convergence: music + cosplay + spandex fetish + russian madness.

Perhaps, since it's Nokia, one can use it to compose ring tones?
I second the irritation at barleysesque ad industry bods plagiarising viral web stuff.

Don't they understand that purely ripping off web content that appeals to the demographic they're targetting is a massive turn off to that same demographic? Or am I missing something?
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