eBay of the Day: A guitar shaped like a sword

Chris writes: "Hello there! Continuing the guitar weaponry theme, I thought eBay item #7398112223 might be of interest. It is a psychedelic Excalibur guitar, the perfect bit of kit for aspiring highlanders of shred. It has two pickups, I'm guessing humbuckers, vol and tone and selector. All in all just plain mental. I've trawled the net looking for similar things since seeing this one and all I could find was this bloke doing a Jimmy Page with a sword instead of a bow and these two geeks going air guitar to the power rangers music." Awesome! Thanks, Chris. No bids yet at just £39.99. What's wrong with you people?
UPDATE: It's possible (though unlikely, I think) that this is actually a very good - and valuable - guitar: The seller says it's made by VLine - which was a Paris-based guitar maker for a few years in the early '80s, making headless guitars out of graphite. Bunny Bass have more, and this website lists a "V Line Sword" as 'sold' for 20700 french francs, or £2,180...

I think everyone's afraid they might cut their fingers off when they play it...
you should check out tetuzi akiyama's "don't forget to boogie" series... there's some serious "playing-guitar-with-swords" aktion scattered about his catalogue. amazing guitar player...
"what's wrong with you people?"

frankly I'm just completely frightened of that thing.
Schweeeeeet! Too funny.
seriously you could use that thing to sacrifice a goat on stage, and then follow it up with a wicked shred solo.
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