Will Apple kill the cute little Lemur?

If you've been lusting after a Lemur touchscreen controller but don't have $2495, then you might be interested to see that Apple have just patented a tablet pc/touchscreen/giant iPod thing. Aside from the fact that Jonathan Ive really can't draw hands, what's interesting is that it has multi-touch support, like a Lemur. Multi-touch is the reason why the Lemur is cool - you can push ten different faders up and down at once, and this Apple product will be able to do the same. The cheapo touchscreen monitors you can pick up for a few hundred pounds can only do single-touch, which isn't really the same at all. (Clearer now, Yeti?)

hmm i dont understand how its not so cool? because its affordable? or because its a rip-off?

i want a lemur, no i cant afford 3K for it, but i will gladly pay up to say 500 or so for something like this .. GLADLY

and i fuckin hate apple too.....

its all pink on the inside tho
interesting hands indeed...
I wouldn't get too excited yet. it's just a patented general idea, not an actual product with any software at this point. Apple patents things all the time that never see the light of day.
I wouldn't get too excited yet. it's just a patented general idea, not an actual product with any software at this point. Apple patents things all the time that never see the light of day.
yeah Apple ripps-off other people's ideas everyday, patenting them to screw the people that worked it out in the first place....very cool.
i guess its clearer... so you are saying only the multi-touch capable units are cool?? yes i would agree... the way the original post was written just sounded like you were saying these new apple ripoffs were not cool, which is what confused me

simple touchscreens have been around for like 20 years now, so i just assumed that wouldnt be the topic

although it seems that multi-touchscreens are going to be the new standard anyhow, if apple is gearing up the patent machine

lemur's lone moment in the sun will most likely be brief - although i doubt other similar products will be as tightly integrated and have such cool software that incorporates physics and tons of other oddness into the controls

seems like behringer would be next in line to rip off the idea, and you know that shit would be cheap to the x-treme
btw - macs suck a dick and steve is a fuck job

Ah...an iPod with a real screen. I waited on buying a video iPod because I knew this would happen before too long.

In 1987 I drew out an idea I had for a portable device that played music, movies, took movies/pictures, and worked as a phone (GPS hadn't come out yet). I was only 17, but my hands definitely looked better in the drawing. Which says very little.
ARGH those hands are terrible!!!
maybe the artist had a guilty conscience and it shows thru his drawing of hands that look like a lemur? or some kind of primate. it'll be too bad for lemur if this happens, but will be good for the masses. at least with the lemur you know where that money goes, that thing is sick.
I'm always shocked at how many Apple haters there are on this site. You don't have to love Apple, but I'm assuming this means you really actually like PCs and Microsoft, which, for the life of me, I can't understand at all. I've worked on both (I bet most of you Apple haters have never used one for any length of time) and there is no comparison...PCs are like stepping back in time, not to mention the virus problems. I'm flabbergasted.
actually i used a Mac G4 for my Pro-Tools HD rig at the studio where I worked for the past 4 years

but before that, i built and repaired PCs and servers for 5 years in a refurb warehouse

and yes, my OPINION still stands.. for one thing, PC parts market is huge.. apple stands alone... another thing - one mouse button?? another thing, mac OS and most software seems to be made for people with no technical aptitude - and is quite bullshit to troubleshoot

i think thats enuf justification - since mac worshippers would never open their minds long enough to accept the fact that other people may truly not like them for legitimate reasons.. its all just dust in the wind anyhow

fun little coffee jitter squeeze out tho
> another thing - one mouse button??

Uh ... every mac user I know (including myself) uses a 2-button mouse.
Well you just CAN'T replace the single button mouse, because then Apple wouldn't stand alone any longer. Poor, lonely Apple; all alone at the top.

A colleague is a technician at huge medical research center and is responsible for both Macs and Windows machines. He laments spending nearly 80% of his time attending to Windows issues. What's worse, Windows represents a little less than 30% of the machines being used.
One button is not an issue if you know how to use a Mac. I actually use a PC better now I know the hotkeys I learned from Mac. Each has their plus and minuses. There is no argument. I like having both. Did someone say Intel? I'd rather there be a few more OSes out there. More democratic.
And just for the record, for awhile now the standard Mac mouse is a two button mouse with scroll, side buttons and is programmable...but I'm sure you'll keep using that old argument.

I suppose next you'll say you can't run Office on them.
my statement about closed minded mac worshippers STILL STANDS

but thanx for the evidence

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