Overheated PR hype makes me want to spit

Do you think, when Native Instruments write stuff like this: "...turns a computer-based set-up into a powerful tactile instrument" or "KORE will revolutionize how performers and producers work" or "...a universal sound format that shifts the focus from individual instruments toward the sound itself", that they really think we're all going to look round and say "Wow! Incredible! My life really is going to be changed for ever!" I wonder if they suspect that their new Kore knob-box-and-preset-manager-combo will get a positive but non-ecstatic response of "Ooh! Cool looking knob box!"

Ooh! Cool looking knob box!
the news on the ni site confused me. what exactly is it? is it a host for all vst or only ni stuff? what do i need it for?
what do you mean, duvalle, it's going to change the way you make music forever. get with the program.
i couldn't agree more. NI seems to have really been slipping over the last 2 years. while Reaktor, Kontakt and Guitar Rig are great the rest of the line seems really stagnant. I'm pretty sure they wasted a lot of resources on their Convolution Reverb that ended up in Kontakt insted of on it's own and there was a sort of sequencer type thing in development that looks like it turned into KORE. and that controler looks EXPENSIVE. remember, these guys put out a 4 knob controler a few years ago for a couple of hundred bucks. I used to love this company, and still use Reaktor and Kontakt alot, but come on. and the timetable for the transition to Universal Binaries seems a bit long as well. I really hope we're all misunderstanding this press release. i'd hate to see NI go the way of Roland.
for the record; the convolution engine in Kontakt2 is licensed. so NI didnt spend time making that.

they probably spent the time cooking up fancy PR ideas for a PRESET MANAGER.
i think you will probably like what they tell you like... or if not, you will at least bitch about it

either way - they have your attention tightly in their grubby little grasp, doing what they please with it
I had to read the news on the site more than twice to realize what was really being announced.

On a first reading of the text I even thought Kore was a Hardware DSP host for plugins!

"World's first Universal Sound Platform"?

C'mon!. It's a damned preset manager featuring a controller with eight rotary encoders!!! :(

This or really I missed the point, again.
i think i'll wait for the specs before i start bashing product(s).

Going the way of Roland, thats exactly what I thought.
But honestly, no major player in hardware has released a unit I have any interest in in YEARS. And I am starting to think the same will be true of software.
The smaller firms are the ones still hustling to get sales by making things that are interesting, like vermona, for instance.
Once Ableton Live got moving Native must have had to abandon hope of releases a real sequencer aka "no point".

If there going to waste time making a hardware box they should really be working on a proper controller for Traktor or plug-in specific controllers.

some more information on sonicstate:


note last bit of info:

" Further details – including technical specifications, pricing and availability – will be made available in Spring 2006."

I know that NAMM stands for "Not Avaliable Maybe May" but this is a bit much..
maybe its a secret code made from just a few letters

oh you knew that already?

I agree, its totally dripping in hyperbole and I really don't understand the point of the software...but you have to admit: that is a lovely box.
"KORE can host any VST and AudioUnit instrument and effect. It runs stand-alone or as a plug-in within all major sequencers. KoreSounds can consist of multiple instruments and effects and can be transferred seamlessly between songs, systems and studios."

"HOST" so you should be able to load a new plug or instrument into into it every day, it's not just a controller, it even states "stand-alone" sounds great to me...we'll see. To make a standalone tabletop box out of any plugin or instrement sounds perfect. Previously, we only had racmount boxes that were just like another computer anyway. this looks cool, it needs some trigger pads or a simple TKB and it's the shite.
"KORE can host any VST and AudioUnit instrument and effect. It runs stand-alone or as a plug-in within all major sequencers. KoreSounds can consist of multiple instruments and effects and can be transferred seamlessly between songs, systems and studios."

if you ask me it's ONLY a hw controller and a software application. it's a stand-alone vst host and also a plug-in vst host. i'm almost sure there's nothing more to the hardware than a midi controller.
Okay, I think everyone has completely missed the point. This isn't about a knob box, and it isn't simply a preset manager, period. Look at the specifics of what Native's PR claims, and you'll see they're describing more than that. You can decide you don't like the press release, but you'd better read what it's saying first. Here's my take, for what it's worth (taken with a grain of salt, as what we really need to see is the finished product -- and we'll see that reasonably soon)


What I'm hearing is some confusion about what this is; I hope I can at least clear that up because it makes sense to me. Now, whether it will work as advertised? That's something you can never say until it ships.

But how exactly does it help to say, "boy, I don't understand this -- it must suck"? Seems like, uh, maybe if you're hungry for innovative new products (as several people in this thread claim), you might check out the new products first and see if they're any good. If you're dismissing everything before you've even read through what it is, let alone give the ACTUAL PRODUCT a chance, then I'm not surprised you're having trouble finding new, innovative stuff. Think back to Steinberg VST over ten years ago. I'll bet none of us really understood what that was going to become. And I'll bet they released a press release with some "overheated PR hype" at the time.
Ok. so it basicly does what Combinator does in reason, only for VSTi's?

I can see why that might be usefull. but still.. a pre-pre-pre view 6 months before a release is silly.
Combinator "Plus" with all your plug-ins -- yep, that's the basic idea. As for them previewing it, if you spent $40,000 on a booth and $15,000 on travel expenses or something like that, and all these artists and press and buyers were buzzing around, you'd do a preview, too. They were showing the product behind closed doors, as well, just not publicly.

Also, I don't think it's 6 months . . . think it's a lot sooner. I.e., it's the U.S. version of the word "spring", rather than the Berlin definition according to their climate, in which "spring" lasts for about 2 days at the end of May.
ok here's what i have to offer -

i have touched it, it is real. i have used the software it is awesome. it is a host. it is also a plug-in. while it's not 'just a preset manager' it DOES include the best preset manager i have ever used. the hardware is very nice and does things you don't expect, but it is not required to use the software. much like the rig kontrol 2 it holds some interesting abilities, including audio and midi I/O. that is all i have to say for now. wait until you see the real specs to bash. i love musicthing.

- anonymouse
the article by peter kirn makes me sad. :-)

because you obviously think that NI is right about their
philosophy for making products:


i do not want them to change the way i play!
i am the artist, it is nobody else but me who
decides how i use my instruments!

and now let me play the troll because this is
what i can do best.:
you say that kore, unlike other host programs.
could host any VST and AU plug-ins.
this sounds a bit like either complete bullshit
or you actually tried it yourself.
if 25% of all audiounits plug-ins are incompatible
with RAX, forgive me if i doubt that putting the
kore plug-in shell between the host and the plug-in will help.
it will cause MORE problems than without, that is
my prediction.
you are saying it will make you more compatible
to other people or operating system.
but that is only true when everyone uses kore.
if the other guy does not use it, you are stuck
with your propertiary NI format project.
"portabilty" .. well kore is not smaller than a notebook,
and i think it is also bigger than an usb stick.
portabilty of all my instrument settings seems
useless when i can not also take my note events
and mixer setting with me, no ?
i think i wil continue to take my patch library and
project song on media with me. :-)
then, wtf is up with this controller.
most of the virtual instruments use midi cc for
the main controls, not parameter automation.
now how could a 10-bit knob box be useful for
pro-53´s filter cutoff ?

and usb 2.0 ? usb 2.0 ???
they obviosly think you really use their I/Os.
next, the preset management for hosted plug-ins
in the plug-in version.
okay i can be useful for the one or other task, say
for layering sounds of 3 different instrument
i am also sure it works much better than bias
vbox or spark fxmachine (which suck balls if i should be honest. back in the days i defended them)
but for everyday ?
if that means that each of the 48 powercore
plug-ins and 5 waves plug-ins i have in my
nuendo startup song will run under the kore
shell by default, i think i hate this.
if that means you have to open stuff under kore
manually each time you want to use kore, i think
i hate it too.
and if you allow me a personal note, i am
doing things like that since many years using
pluggo shell by cycling74. the waveshell system
also offered users of this stuff access to shared
custom presets to exceed VST 2.1 parameter
precision and bank size.

this is not the next big revolution from berlin, it is all
ideas from the seventies, repacked and relabelled,
to make sure the capital flows and ends up in a few people´s pockets.

...which does not automatically mean it is a bad product , granted.

i like the work done on the GUI, for example.

especially the party which look like ableton or
steinberg :P

Anything which adds knobs to the studio is a win.

Anything which gets rid of those two most horrible, muse-destroying, non-musical devices ever invented (the CRT and the mouse-driven GUI) gets a ++ vote.

(And its about time someone made a knob box with decent incremental controllers combined with good visual feedback. Bring it on!)
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