Lots of very good things to click upon

Real work = not much time to post, but nice emails = lots of ideas. So...
New MPC-1000BK is black, might come with built-in hard drive (babelfish unclear)
Sonic weapon designed to repel teenagers
Guitar Hero on PS2 - Gibson sponsored music game
Record labels try to get heavy with people making mash-up bootlegs
Software lets you plan & cost your dream modular synth. Warning! May inspire lust and/or bankrupcy
Awesomely noisy VST version of the Death Synth hardware box. (Also my Nord G2 version)
Why icebergs sing (if you speed the tape up a bit)
(Thanks Simon, Jonas, Boing Boing, Audio Mastermind, JMaggard, Dave)

the new guitar controller will be the new casio sk-1.

or maybe I should hook up a sk-1 with the controller.
or make it a CV controller for a synth. that would look sweet on stage.
is this already available?

The coolest thing about Guitar Hero is that some of the guitars you unlock are the really weird and wonderful Gibson Corvus and the Moderne.

Seriously, google-image these. You'll enjoy them.

/former Corvus owner
My jaw dropped when I clicked the link within the japanese akai press-release. They've added timestretch, Pitch-shift and 2.5" HDD support. Who needs a 2kxl?
akai will be selling upgrade kits for current mpc1000 owners. here's some links to new feature lists and videos of the new features in action:

According to that page, the new MPC can have an optional hard drive.
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