Leoncie returns. Now looking for bookings in Leigh on Sea

Remember Leoncie the Indian Princess (who was actually from Iceland)? It seems that Leigh On Sea, a small town on the Essex Coast, about 40 miles East of London, has really taken her to it's heart. MT reader Benedict spotted her in the local paper, selling her 'Pop Dance CD' in local stores and looking for bookings. I'm looking forward to someone making a wonderful film of Leoncie's life, from the hot springs of Reykjavik to the Broadway Superbowl...

That chick is a nutter, i think she has moved away from iceland.
Leoncie makes me horny...

yeah I know

Dude, her phone number is right there. Let us know how it goes...
man that is funny - i used to work in "Fives" record shop in leigh when i left school :-)
i may just have to pop in a buy a copy...
She was a stripper in the late 80's and is supposed to have been quite good with a ping-pong ball, if you know what I mean. But she left all that behind to focus on bringing her music, her message, her legacy to music lovers all over the world. Someday...
I am not afraid to say that leoncie is a genius!
If she gets a gig in Leigh-on-Sea, it may be time to catch a train up to see her and witness music history being made.
She's a nutter... one of the worst nutters ever to step on Icelandic soil.
Oh yeah she is definitly a nutter!
As an Icelander I can really say I do not want this person to live here she is ruining our reputation with her hard rock fake boobs and her ugly accent.
lovely people of UK...kick that "beygla" out of your country before she begins to call you racists and rednecks as she did to us here in iceland, just because we simply didn´t like her music.

That Leoncie is 50 years old dudes
Please kill me, she doesnt live in iceland anymore, and i'm still seeing something about her, back the fuck off Leoncie, you are worse then Nylon. You are without a doubt the worst musician in the history of Iceland.
You got to be kidding, she moves away (Halleluja). And still she manages to fuck up my day thousand of miles away. As soon as someone says He/She/It doesnt like her music its gonna be "Racist racist racist" talk bout a drama queen. And for christ sake her music (if i can call that bellowing musci) SUX. The only reason anyone would want to book her for a gig is to laugh at her. She dreasses like slut and some time back she hand topless images of her on her webpage, how sick is that!?!
Nylon, you cant comnpare them to leoncie, they should be judging Icelandic Idol, just got to love those girls ... eða, mér finnst það allavega ...
she's not icelandic!!
shes a crazy biatch

no really she is I hope she never comes to Iceland again , the worst music in history.
Please dont say that she's from Iceland! She lived for a whule but she's not Icelandic and saying that is like shit in my face!!
This woman is crazy. I hope we never ever get her back to Iceland. If you don't like her music than she calls you a racist. She was undoubtfully the most tucky "musician" that has stepped on Icelandic soil.
Here is a pic of her preforming http://thorduna.is/?category=6&action=single&item=611

and here is her homapage:

Yeah Leonice just whines on and on that people don't buy her shit music are "racist" when in reality they're just people with good taste LMAO
LORD IN HEAVEN!!! SOMEONE PLEASE SHOOT THIS WOMAN!! Forgive us Icelanders for not doing that.. but we drank to much while listening to her.... muu... ermm... "sounds" She is HORRIBLE!! and YES very much insane!! Calls people racists because they dont like her and SHE IS NOT AN ICELANDER!!!!! AND NEVER WILL BE THAT LUCKY!!!

Icelandic music lover.
I think we should get her back to Iceland. And we should give Astthor Magnusson his own talkshow on the television. She could be his musical sidekick. Man that show would be the closest thing you could get to actually using LSD. Top notch acid!

Hope she manages to get into the Brit-press where she should be displayed for the whole UK nation as the cuckoo she is.
I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want to kill that woman
I think she rocks

This song: Leoncie - Safe sex (take me deeper)

Is seriously the funniest thing i ever heard...
hahaha leoncie! she's great..
muniði eftir því þegar að hún missti hárkolluna á sviðinu ? djöfull var það ógeðslega fyndið!

leoncie is the best! her husband produces everything for her, you should get an interview with him and ask him about what gear he uses :)
I've booked her to play at the golden lion in king's cross, London this june.
check out http://arigradi.blogspot.com for updates, and also keep an eye on local press.
She makes me laugh and happy when I am in a bad mood, who has no humour, I do and she is fun. Looking into booking her for my next birthday.
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