When engineers attack!

Back at the start of September, a guy calling himself Jp22 posted this thread on the recording.org forums. It was an innocent but badly spelt question about guitar recording, but Jp22 showed such a heroic combination of ignorance, confusion and utter belief in his own rightness that it's attracted over 14,000 views and 154 follow-ups and is getting linked to all over the place. Sample quotes: "I do use compressors/limiters, but not to control the dynamic range. I use EQ for that." and "If you read my post properly, you'd have noticed that I explained how important the L-R speaker positioning was in relation to the pan pots. This is know as the crossover frequency." Anyone know who Jp22 is? He says he runs the "The Box" studio, Minnesota, USA. (Thanks Dave) (Image created by Voidoid Surrealist)

This has GOT to be a joke! Nobody could possibly be THAT ignorant AND still know how to turn a computer on and point it at the www. ;-)
remember kids, feed your neighbour hood forum troll, they can't be out rageously funny with you your help
What an enormous waste of time! Let's hope that we can find a more valuable activity to use our audio knowlege than blowing off fools on the internet.
holy crap that was funny.

I liked this one (same guy, different thread):

"As a "live sound engineer" its your job to give
the *musician*what HE wants, NOT what *you* want. Your type of belief system of sound engineer etiquette is exactly the type of ego'd out so-called "engineer" I despise. Furthermore, no musician who hired you has to "provide" you with anything, your "job" is to do your job: WHAT THE MUSICIAN WANTS, PERIOD. If he says "mic my cabinet here" then you better jump or your fired, bitch."

that above quote is basically true
Funny stuff. Sadly, people like JP22 have ruined many formerly useful forums by scaring off the knowledgeable people - AH lately is a great example of that.
I have to say that, as a "novice" person to the recording of sound I found a ton of useful info in the corrections of some pretty "ludicris" statements.

As somewhat less of a novice in the area of the "human condition" it was also fabulously instructive (or rather, illustrative) of how wars start! A superb exposition of how "being right" and being "is/is not" about the world brings about much dis-harmony.

And just as a form of entertainment I was laughing loudly.
*wets self*

great value thead :D

If MT had forums you could attract this quality of discussion! Priceless!
Sounds like a comment from "Walters", only with more clarity and sincerity.
Wonderful! That has to be the funniest thread I have read in a long time. I have to wonder if Jp22 isn't a 13-year-old who just got a Mac Mini for his birthday with Garageband on it. "Ooo, cool, I'm 1337 recording engineer now! Rock on d00dz!"

Heck, I'm only on page seven. Dunno if I can take much more entertainment for one evening.
"Compression doesn't 'tighten up dynamics' imbecile, it clips the peaks, period." Haha
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