RIP Larry Hendry aka Wise Guy Synth

Larry Hendry was one of those guys you see in pictures from Analogue Heaven meetings. He had a big MOTM modular system, sold fine custom patch cables, maintained a busy website, once sourced a huge Frankenstein-style power switch for a friend's studio, and people who knew him say he was a good guy. He also loved to ride his Harley with his wife Anne. On the 9th October, they were enjoying an autumn afternoon ride when they crashed and were both killed. As this site set explains: "it is important to remember they were enjoying a nice fall day, having fun, and being together when they died". Read more about Larry at Analogue Heaven. (via Matrix Synth)

Damn...Larry looks utterly possessed by his modular and I can totally toast to that man!

...AND he made custom colo(u)rful patch cables!!!?!!!!?!!!!

....AND he went out with his lady by his side (err back) on a hog??? Holy shit Larry is a LEGEND.

R.I.P. Larry All Hail Larry
Larry was the "Other Half" of Synthtech. He organized batch cable orders (at basically cost) for the group, organized custom panels, and was the most selfless and helpful of human beings.

He will be missed. Greatly.
Larry was a right decent guy. i will miss him.
Larry's sudden death sent genuine shock through the synth communities. He was one of the those kinds of guys that went out of his way to be friendly and helpful, especially to newbies.
He really is a legend in the DIY synth world, and will surely be missed by those of us who knew him...
I cried when I heard it. At least he died while enjoying one of his passions of life.
Larry and I did the first replacement drives for the Korg DSS1 and DSM samplers, I made up the drives and he did all the testing. These were the first two item's available to the public on the web site. To this day his drive install guides are posted on his web site.
I have Larry to thank for helping me get a start in my web biz, he asked for nothing in return but friendship!

I shall miss you dearly my friend.
Richard at Route 66
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