New super-simple DIY synth plans

From Ray Wilson, inventor of the Soundlab Mini Synth comes the Wacky Electronic Noise Maker Thingy. It's a much simpler circuit, which produces surprisingly cool pulsing, bleeping type noises. You can hear sound clips here. It's made with a handful of components, a few pots and switches and a 9v battery. There's a very clear schematic, a PCB design and a stripboard layout. If anyone is making a PCB for this kit, could you make me one, too? (thanks, CleanROOM)

That reminds me of the little box that Simon Topping from A Certain Ratio used to play back when dinosaurs ruled the earth. It had an oscillator, white noise and a filter and was triggered from a momentary switch.
I just built one myself about two weeks ago, using perfboard instead of a PCB. It works great! I would have pictures up already if it wasn't enclosed in a boring black Radio Shack project box.

You can read more about other people's DIY synths in the Sound Lab and DIY Synth sections at:
If someone is making a pcb make one for tom and one for me, I'll give you dollars.
I was about to think about that little machine while ordering the mini synth. But I noticed there were no pcbs for sale. And I'm not about to go through making my own. Thanks for the forum link. Been trying to find one if I had any questions.
Looks like a good introduction to diy synth/sound making. All the parts look easy to get except for one thing: Where do you get a CD40106 chip?
Looks like you can get them here:
You can always build it on a breadboard!
The CD40106 chip (Hex Schmitt Trigger), as well as all the other components, I ordered through I think the whole thing was less than $30 bucks.
i know how to solder and i have tons of components from bending/salvaging, however my ability to read schematics is lacking and i dont know how to etch pcbs. seriously if someone etches a pcb for themselves ill pay shipping plus extra if you make me one
You could try and contact ladislaobiro (the guy who made the PCB without a case with the mini-amp next to it) and see if he'll sell you one. You should be able to reach him through or the forums.

I followed his layout even though I used perfboard and a case that was shorter than his PCB. I also had the knobs on the top of the case, perpendicular to the board.
Id be more than happy to etch PCB's for you folks if I knew what to resize the image to... It says to resize it, but doesn't say by how much, and I really dont feel like going through the motions to figure it out.

stitch0d AT gmail DOT com
Quick question: on many of the parts, like capacitors, can be purchased at a variety of voltages--how do you know which voltage is correct?

OPG: do you happen to have an invoice/parts list that has the actual items you bought from mouser you could post (without all your personal/order info)?

we finaly made ours, and it works p.e.r.f.e.c.t.
must have for avery add n to (x) fan.
parts : less than 20 euros.
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