Has Jp22 got himself a new job?

Remember Jp22, the confused and angry sound engineer from this post? I'm wondering if he's got a job writing press releases for the Boostaroo Revolution iPod amplifier. Apparently it "touts a 'decompression enhancer circuit' that the manufacturer says provides a fuller-richer sound for MP3 audio. The circuitry also splits stereo signals into individual channels and provides 'spatial enhancing' and 'surround sound.'" It even runs on AAAA batteries, which must be really, really tiny. (via Gizmodo) (Image created by Voidoid Surrealist)

HA HA that guy is so funny.

Everyone knows that all batteries are the same inside, regardless of size.
oh god there are so many issues at play here..."Surround sound?", "Enhancer", "decompression?" oh dear. The ol' Boosteroo trick.

Remember the EQ Booster thing you installed for your factory car stereo? Oh no!
speaking of audio trolls, has anyone figured out Walters' non-gimmick accounts at any of the audio forums?
quad A's do exist, though theyre startlingly expensive.
yeah quad A's do exist, I needed some once for a mouse-pen and spent half a year looking for them in shops
"splits mono signals into individual channels" would have funnier.
...been funnier
what is the big deal? have you guys never read manufacturer hype before?

"circuitry also splits stereo signals into individual channels and provides “spatial enhancing” and “surround sound.”"

that means it simulates 6 channel surround by splitting the stereo signal in various ways

this kind of shit is so old - you guys need to read more if you think this is somehow uniquely fucked up
I really enjoyed reading through that fourm at recording.org--damn good laughs.
Unsure if he was legit or not, I did a little searching.
Other posts made at recording.org by JP22 suggest that he really does have a studio and is into, to some degree, DIY projects (SM57, I believe it was).
Also, by googling his registered email address at recording.org, I found his identity as Zaur at a fourm about heavy metal. He claims to be over 30, and is quite the critic. I believe he has over 2500 posts there (I cannot remember the site).
Lastly, found while searching his email addy, were requests for trading software. He gets into arguments about the legality of it when people suggest that he simply purchase the games he requests.

My observations are that Jp22 indeed does have a real studio, and may very well create his own music. He is strongly opinionated, and to some degree, enjoys the dark side (as Zoar, not Jp22, of course). If you, too, were intrigued by this mystery man who knows very little about sound theory, give the above mentions a search--you'll be up for hours, asking yourself, "who is this man?". Then, as I had, you'll try and figure out just why you spent hours trying to understand Jp22. In my case, I lived in Minnesota (Jp22's home state) for the past five years, and know a few audio geeks with initials JP about 22 years old. Really, I was frightened I knew who it was.
But alas, a mystery still.
The truth is out there.
Don't forget.
What I wonder is that, is he aware that the whole music nerd part of the internet is laughing at him. And also, whether he still holds the rock solid belief that he is right?

Either way. That picture is solid gold.
I do feel kind of bad for him. What if he's 15, just getting into music, if 'The Box Studio' is his bedroom. When you're 15, you do think you're right and everone else is stupid.

I was about 30 before I really understood what a compressor does. (Not sure I really do now)
I did wonder that, but all the aggro he puts out there. That made me feel better again. :)
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