UPDATE: Rebirth Museum wants you to download 256mb of random data

If you've been trying to download the free copy of Rebirth, you'll have noticed some things: 1) It's a 500mb download. 2) To install it, you need to burn it onto CD, then install it from the CD 3) After limping along for a few days, the server died completely this morning. From the message board, this is why the download is so huge: "The app installer itself is only 16 MB, ReBirth uses a copy protection scheme which involves a 128 MB data file on the CD. It's actually a nonsense file that contains just random data, but ReBirth won't boot without it. The rest of the CD isn't really necessary, but includes a Mac partition (which has roughly the same files including another instance of the 128 MB data file), and lastly there are 3 audio tracks that showcase ReBirth if you put it in a CD player." So Propellerheads are asking people to download 500mb file to run a 16mb program. No wonder their servers are melting.
UPDATE: Now they've given up on direct downloads and are pointing people towards an official torrent. They have cut the file sizes in half, so it's a 215mb download.

they should have just allowed people to grab the Radium version ;)
That thought also crossed my mind. ;)
Any chance to get only the 16 mb file alone??....perhaps a torrent file ??
It seems that the 16mb won't work without the 128mb. That's why people suggest using the cracked version, which doesn't need the 128mb!
oh but i could never get kracked Rebirth to work with the mods!

Oh yeah, Rebirth was my first kracked software too!!!

(oops, nevermind)
What's with the Nat West logo?
ummm.. screw rebirth. not offense, it was great back in 98 when i first got it, but now i think there are tons of other free softwares that are probably better. and easier to download and install. no disrespect, but its just not worth more than a few moments. i saw there was no osx version, and i was just like "ok, bye" i guess i had said goodbye to rebirth several years ago and so I'm not really wanting it back now. just 2c
yeh i have to agree with prev poster... i loved this program 8 years ago, but when I loaded it up yesterday I was shocked to find it doesnt support ASIO drivers, (and therefore was getting 50ms latency with my RME Fireface 800) - and also how annoying it is to operate those tiny little animated controls

ive come a long way, baby - cant go back
Plus the Mac OS disk image version was corrupted, so even if you did finally download 200mb odd at like 7k/s it didn;t work! :)

A guy on the forum helpfully made a working disk image from the full disk version tho and I believe that is/will be up there to download now/soon.

SO i have it working, which is nice.

They really should have cracked their own software! They spent all that time makeing a fancy shiney website for it, but then didn't bother to make the downloads actually not broken!? Ooops.

Ah well.....

To the people moaning about it being old etc; that's why it's now free!

Old and free is the best combination of music software in my book! :)

Although 'actually possible to download and install' does help too... :-/
they have the files avaliable as torrents now, wich solves most of the problems.

note that it's only the PC version, now.

this is an official link from the pheads, see? torrents aren't just for pirates! Take that RIAA!
I pulled down the PC disk image from the torrent site in a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. Piece of cake. But why the Prop heads wouldn't release an unprotected (and compact) version is beyond me, unless they no longer have the tools to update the source. Baffling.
there is a very simple reason why pheads aren't releasing a lite version of the code.

it will take developer time to do, it will requeir some testing, they don't want to be bothered. they rather be working on future versions of reason or whatever project they are working on now.

so they release the thing as an ISO and thats that.
yoikes...so many haters....how many people started with rebirth?
i remember using the demo version and recording loops onto tape just to loop back riffs before teh software whould shut off...
i think in a minimalist way, rebirth is still an awesome tool and there doesnt seem to be any soft synths that replicate the 303 as accurately...

sorry.. :)
So lemme get this straight, Propellerheads wants to release an 8 year-old program that nobody really cares about today anyway, and they make it so uber-complicated and bothersome, that getting the crack to run seems easier by defeault? BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nice try, Propellerheads, you're dead to me...
Whoah with the hate. They're giving it away. If you're too fabulous to grace the download or the program with your time of day, thats fine, just dont. BUT...

"Nice try, Propellerheads, you're dead to me..."

Did I miss something? I prop heads software your evil step-mother? Was there some machievellian evil visited upon you by them?

Good on them for giving it away, and good on them for attempting to host it, they obviously didnt see how popular it would be as download, and double good on them for endorsing the torrent.

Some perspective is needed, be thankful for the freebee and if not, then fine, but shut the hell up.
There's nothing people will complain about more bitterly on the internet than the (real or imagined) flaws in a piece of free software. :)
A note to people who think the Radium version would've been better:
The Radium (cracked) version doesn't work with official mods and mods created by users using the retail version, so it wouldn't be easier at all.
And it would violate their EULA/Terms of Use, to allow people to use a modified copyrighted software (especially their own software), so they would let their users to break the law.
Does anybody have the cracked version? Surely Propellerheads wouldn't mind people posting it now that they're giving the software away.
Their server seems to be running a bit faster now most people are downloading the torrents instead... I downloaded all the mods in no time...

Just had a go at making my own mods, fun stuff! Lots of possibilities to do weird things with the limitations of the app by putting in very different types of sound than intended...
why should they spend resources on removin a copy protection for a software they decide to give away. you go right a head and crack it, tweak it, reverse engineer it or whatever floats your boat. sure, would have been nice if some files weren't corrupt and big and all that but it's far much better than just to discontinue it and never let anyone have it. at least i got a new free tool to play around with while i'm too stoned to use all these vsts...
To those haters who're going off on how there's newer better free software out there, I quoth many a forum thread post: "Your post is useless without names/links."
Rubber Duck was made freely available a day(?) before Rebirth was, and the D-lusion guys have just made Drumstation free as well. Much better IMHO than Rebirth.

i for one played with both rubberduck and rebirth 1.0 at the time they came out and it was instantly obvious that ReBirth would come out on top on merit of looks and ergonomics alone. it was also different because it actually was a production environment, had rewire and so on. I can't compare the sound quality to rubberduck in hindsight, I was cranking out acid lines on a guitar amp and bad headphones with it afterall, sharing them with mates at school via tapes etc.... =)
unfortunately I can't get much out of the free version since I'm on osx and unwilling to go through the hassles. imo today audiorealism bassline is where it's at if you want tb303 sounds (unless someone gives me a Future Retro Revolution).
As a former Tascam and QSC Employee, this type of insane protection really doesn't surprise me.

It's sad that they must go to such lengths to protect their software.

It's sad that people won't pay for what they want.
" And it would violate their EULA/Terms of Use, to allow people to use a modified copyrighted software (especially their own software), so they would let their users to break the law."

Are you out of your mind? Violate their own EULA? What are they going to do, sue themselves?
Thanks To Propellerhead!!!!!

Now They Give To Everyone They First Program For Free,And With This All Rebirth MODS Will Work!!!!~

Thank You Propellerheads
This Can Be Old,But It's a Mark Of The Devolopment
even if it is a hassle to get it going I think its great they do things like this...

now lets wait another 8 more years to get the free Reason !!!

well done!!!
I wish I could track down a mod by some Dutch dude, it was full of brilliant tabla sounds - not Anokha (an "official" mod), but I think it's called Tala matrix after the Bill Laswell/Zakir Hussain album. Google has been no help.
mate... I can't believe some of the complaints people manage to come up with in this world!

These guys are giving away this software for free that tonnes of people paid for and just about everyone's used.

Sure there's been a lot of progress made with the other products, but this thing still has one of the best 303 sounds out of all of them!

Did I mention it's free?!!! :P

Good on em... i don't know many other companies doing the same thing. I'm glad to have a legit copy of it, for anytime I feel like using it...

Rock on Prop Hedz, good move ;-)
Maybe I'm not so comp literate but, how the hell do I get a torrent to end up as a usable god damn program on my computer wherein I can create friggin' songs? I mean, fuck I like music not computers...help me out- I'm losin it.
hehe same here
help me install Rebirth please?

i burned the folder containing the torrent files which I downloaded, onto CD. Then ran the setup application from the CD. But now, when I open the programme from my computer (windows XP), i get a message saying insert CD... i do that, but nothing happens.. ever...
For SumYungGai and others, who searching Tala Matrix mod I have good news. I found cracked one's, grab original tabla sounds and pictures. Than I made reborned Tala Matrix mod for original Rebirth. Here's both mods original and cracked.

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