eBay of the Day: Bonehead from Oasis sells his VCS3

It's easy to celebrate when bad things happen to members of Oasis, but perhaps we should all shed a little tear for Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs. A few years ago he was the guitarist in the biggest band in the world, able to splurge on crazy vintage synths for his home studio. Now, he's selling his VCS3 through Johnny Roadhouse in Manchester. And they've put it on eBay (item #7344817634) so he can be mocked by cruel music geek websites. Complete with a keyboard, it's currently £2,000 with four days to go.

One of the staff at Johnny Roadhouse Music bounced up to me to show off this very unit last week. Looks lovely, and unlike synths they've sold me that are only half as old, it actually comes with a manual full of kooky little diagrams and cryptic "an oscillator oscillates"-style words of wisdom. Wonderful!
Now wouldn't it lose value because one of the douches in Oasis owned it?
Yeah, who knows what Bonehead spilled into it....
Someone try and tell me Bonehead understood the pin matrix.
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