VST emulates wide range of popular Radio Shack cables

Here's a very silly Radio Shack cable VST plugin from Florida geek Sir Millard Mulch, who has a 34 track album of what seem to be soundtracks to fictional video games on iTunes. Of his VST triumph, Millard says: "Need to do some serious "Shacking" to get your virtual studio up and running? I know I do! That's why I highly recommend this Plug-In! Its Virtual Shacking Technology has saved me COUNTLESS trips to Radio Shack. Need to patch a Stereo 1/4 --> RCA --> 8th Inch Mono --> XLR? IT'S ALL IN THERE, BABY!"

Good 'ole Sir Millard Mulch. I'd nearly forgotten about him again. Good to see he finally finished his triple-disc magnum opus.
I downloaded it, and it's not even a VST. It's just a program that puts up a GUI and doesn't do anything. I thought at least it would make my music sound worse.
Yes, I was going to mention that, but didn't want to spoil anyone's fun. You would think he could have stretched to a copy of Synthedit, though...
Keep trying. Maybe after a couple hours a nice ol' 60-cycle hum kicks in only in the left channel...
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