NAMM: Bono designs vile, expensive guitar

Things seem to be very slow at NAMM so far (I'm writing this in war torn London), with most people issuing press releases about products they announced at the last NAMM, six months ago. But step forward reknowned, er, guitarist, Bono out of U2, who has helped Gretsch (now a division of Fender who manufacture guitars in Japan) to design the Bono Irish Falcon a hideous guitar* in Oirish green with "The Goal is Soul" written on the side, costing $4,500. Target market? Theme pubs, maybe?
*I mean, the guitar is fine, it's just the bits he's added...

Now why doesn't this suprise me? Maybe his band mate 'The Edge' (what kind of person gives themselves such a ridiculous name?) helped him design this. I hope it is made out of eco friendly materials and a percentage of the profits goes to a good cause.
Perhaps Bono is demanding a big cut of the proceeds, causing the super-high price. This is even worse than that dumb U2 iPod.
I find it hard to tell the difference between a vile guitar and a sexy guitar. They all seem to be extensions of male sexuality.
hi. i stumbled upon your site. its wonderful. i love the guitars btw.


tiny music is the best music ;)
Well, the Robert Smith signature guitar is kinda goofy as well. At least it doesn't say "the goal is soul" on it though. I'm sure it sounds great when he plays "angel of Harlem" or some other crap.

I'm practicing my "soul" so I gotta cut this short...

'male sexuality'...oh please! gahh!
Guitars? This
That's why there are so few Tubas in rock bands, too powerfully feminine.
1. U2 doesn't make any money from the U2 iPod, or their iPod commercial. I doubt that Bono would take a big cut of guitar sales of all things, their WORLD tour sold out. I bet they don't have any shortage with money.

2. The Edge did not name himself. From : "The Edge got his name from Bono who thought it was an accurate description of his head."
I heard that both Bono Vox and the Edge were named by Gavin in the transvestite band The Virgin Prunes. Gavin got the Bono Vox name from the name of a local hearing aid shop.
I'm not joking in the above post by the way.
Does The Edge actually introduce himself as The Edge when you meet him?
if 'The Edge' were to design a guitar it would have 50 delay pedals built-in so you could get that 'I'm playing two notes but you are hearing 20' sound.
Oops - my mistake. It looks like Bono did name the Edge, and it was Guggi from the Virgin Prunes who named Bono, not Gavin Friday of the same band. My previous info came from some vague memories of an NME article I read in the 80s. After a bit or surfing I now know more about the history of U2 than I ever needed to.
makes me laugh some peope have so much bitterness towards U2 its unbelivable, if people relised the message "the goal is soul" came from the elevatiom tour, were the theme of the tour was soul, and actually helped alot of americans through 9/11,

oh and the edge, name me another upto date guitar player who has greated his own sound.......the word for you folks=jealousy
As an 18 year-old guitarist of six years, I look for any inspiration from "Two Fingers Frusciante" from the Chili Peppers (who I love), to "I can't play whole notes Vai." But in six years, I've never been able to understand what "The Edge" has done for music. Delay? Okay...I'm pretty good with it too! Jealousy? No no. Boredom!
Phil Collins once had a set of Drumsticks to his spec at $100 a pop. What's the spec? It's a stick!
I'm pretty sure "the goal is soul" did not help me through 9/11!

Ooh i'm so bitter!

The Edge is great at makin it squeal, tho, i dig him.
You're all right of course, U2 are completely talentless

That's why they're so unsuccessful.
I find it hard to tell the difference between a vile guitar and a sexy guitar. They all seem to be extensions of male sexuality.

The late-80s called and wants its PC Culture Wars back.
Hey, Paris Hilton is "successful". Whatz yer point?
I'd like to see a guitar designed by Paris Hilton.
"name me another upto date guitar player who has greated his own sound"

Robert Fripp
Eric Clapton
Dweeb from Korn

Umm, it happens all the time. This crazy thing called sound.

Personally, I have to hand the Edge some props, anyone who played that much delay knows it can get hairy, and one wrong note rings for a day and a half.

Note, this geetar is the Irish Falcon, hence green, and hence, only to be pimped by U2 or the Pogues.

The part that cracks me up is that it's designed to Bono's spec... What does Bono know about a guitar that doesn't involve posing with one?? No, the Florentine cutaway, not the venetian! I though I requested a Wolfgang profile on this neck! 24 frets, not 22!

If you've got this kind of dosh, why not get a real Gretsch 6120 or something. (Or better yet, let do the Breedlove tour/order thang.)
name me another upto date guitar player who has greated his own sound

Steve Hackett
Andy Taylor
Andy Summers
Steve Vai (although to some degree just a mish mash of Eddie Van Halen and Steve Hackett)
Dave Gilmour
MK Ace (Skunk Anansie)
The guy from The Cooper Temple Clause
Johnny Marr
Bernard Butler (Suede)

this is tedious, but it does point out the inate fatuousness of your post. Sorry about that
Eughh...Bono wouldn't know soul if it fell down his pants and bit him in the arse. Lou Donaldson and grant green are guitar soul!
Bono is the GRAND MASTER. and the GOAL IS SOUL. Everyone else is just jeaolous.
I thought it said "The goat is soul," which actually makes sense to me.
hello everyone, i want to say something to all you who "DISS" U2, They are with out a doubt the BEST band of their time. The edge has been able to carry the band and make the music like no other. Bono can make you cry with warmth in your heart as he cries on stage cause the song it sooo touching, Larry and Adam are the heart beat of the band and help suport it all the way....They can sell out a concert in matter of a few mins. There not like all those other bands who need to be on TV all the time to be liked.....people from all ages LOVE them, YOU all need to give your head a shake and Go see a show, it will change you for ever. Oh yeah and they fight for human rights not like those people the rest of you like....they fight for drop the debt, for an AIDS cure and to help people no one else wants to help. They could be like the rest but they chose to better the world
look uo one voice,one goal to fight AIDS and poverty, maybe you should join and help better the world
Kick Ass Guitar Kick Ass Band The Irish Rule U Can All Blow It Out Your Butts Speakin Of Ridiculous names Corky Burger Sounds Very Retarded
oh my god, and i just wondered what kind of guitar he played ....
I want to write a biography of Adam Clayton - 'one note - one vision'
All of the pro-U2 comments say everyone who doesn't like U2 is just "jealous". Wouldn't they also, then, tear down every "good" guitarist? They don't. U2 can sell out a concert because people who don't know much about music remember hearing them on the radio back in the 80s. This isn't music, it's a soundscape+bono.
What a tasteless person
Didn't Eno influence "the Edge guitar sound" when producing U2?
This is borderline vomitous. U2 and their entire public relations program just leave me cold and the fake sentimentality and cynical posing with corrupt world leaders don't help. Maybe they should put the Notre Dame Fighting Irish mascot cartoon on there and then fill it with Irish Spring so it doesn't feed back.
do your own charity work and don't rely on some greasy haired crybaby wankers to do your caring for you.
ev, ofis, mutfak, & mobilya dekorasyon rehberi
Brandon, Lou Donaldson is a saxophonist.
Can't we all just get along?

"if people relised the message "the goal is soul" came from the elevatiom tour, were the theme of the tour was soul, and actually helped alot of americans through 9/11"

Dear God you really just posted that.
he is right, we should all be grateful to u2 for curing 9/11, aids, debt etc. $4500 is a small price to pay for such greatness.
"oh and the edge, name me another upto date guitar player who has greated his own sound."

Way to say "i only own one record".
u2 r worst
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