eBay of the day: Joystick-controlled Wiard modular

Who in their right mind wouldn't want to buy item #7337110362 - a hand built, heavily engraved, Wiard modular system controlled with two joysticks and a VU meter? Sure, you could plug in a keyboard (it's modular, so you could probably plug in the Space Shuttle if you had enough patch leads), but isn't the dual-joystick setup so much more chic? Best of all, it's serial number 1, of a limited edition of five built in 2004. The only problem? Bidding is currently $2,100 with three days to go. (Thanks Peter)

the wiard modular is amazing. the wogglebug module is my fav!

Very expensive though.
If only in banana.
I really wanted to get a Wogglebug module, it creates amazing 'Forbidden Planet' type tones and random noises.

I enquired about getting one on the Wiard forum and was given a telephone number to the Emerald City and told to ask for the Wi(z)ard. I left a message for the Wi(z)ard but he never got back to me.

I should have said my name was Dorothy.

Build a wogglebug yourself:

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