Behold the double-neck violin!

So, I've written about Mark Wood and his $3,500 seven-string fretted Flying V-shaped violins before. But that was before 'loneguitarist' posted this [4mb QT] video of Mark's old band Voodoo Violince (do you see what he's done there?) In the video he's playing the violin on the left - which has a huge red hand pressing against his chest, and seems to be attached to him by some kind of leather choker. The violin on the right is unfortunately not in the video, but is... awesome. Good work, Mark!

She's so pretty!
oh thank you....this made my day. I now have a coolness highwater mark to shoot for.
Holy Crap! I've got the best idea ever in the world!

Picture this... you get the violin superdork, the fastest finger in the world, the the guitar superdork, have P.E.A.R.T play drums (mostly because a suitable wonky drummer hasn't shown up yet), and maybe get creepy janko keyboard girl too. We're on the verge of a true supergroup! Dream Theater look out!

Now all we need is a vocalist, perhaps theremin bra lady...
Please will someone photoshop them all together, and post it to me? I'll get Bob Geldof to arrange the gig for Geek Aid.
heh heh so you liked the video eh?
Came to this page after seeing another blog - can you please add that those pics were taken back in the '80's??? To judge a musician of this caliber using old photos that are misleading as to his current image seems unfair. Glad to hear you like what he's doing but you should let folks know that his websites are CURRENT and filled with great stuff:
It's been done before - and oh so much better! Shankar has been playing (and supposedly "invented") the double violin over 25 years ago.
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