Very funny spoof music software

I'm pretty much the last person to link to Sonic Finger's very funny, very well done fake plugins page (which has had 12,000 vistors since launching less than a week ago). It has three plugins: The Dead Quietenator, which produces 56 different types of silence (it's recommended by Sting), the Virtual Studio Visitor, which can simulate a visiting girlfriend, priest, wizard or Stephen Hawking and the Virtual Home Studio Modeller, which makes your Pro Tools rig sound like Behringer. It's the finest spoof product since Funk Logic. If you made this site, please make more. (Thanks to CDM and Housepig)

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I wrote them: I have an idea for a new plugin which I'd like you to produce: The Charnel Pit Simulator. It would feature the unique resonances of the body -- much more than just physical throat simulation, I'm thinking: small and large colon reverb, audio conducted along long femurs (bone conductivity -- you could vary the bone density and height). Also, a meat filter, where you would simulate the sound emitted from speaker at the bottom of a tank as you added all manner of organs and blood. What does Sting sound like through 250 pounds of Kidneys. I'm sure this would be really good for Death Metal."
Has anyone produced a plugin of the Blandizer?
It removes any originality, dynamics, discordance and agression from music for perfect pop blandness.
I just can't seem to get that bland sound, and the rack version is too expensive for me.
Please don't tease the ADATs.
link dead?
There is a plugin that can take a pure, sweet vocal and defile it into a goregrind demon, and it's no joke or fake.
Metal Demon is part of the Psycho Toolkit bundle available at, check out the really cheesy a-capella beatbox deathmetal demo track.
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