Essential T-Shirts for Music Geeks

So, CDM has a clever roundup of music-making experimental clothing stuff. At MT, we present: Some neat-o T-Shirts (thanks, Mikey):
Optigan: You just missed buying a real-life Optigan for £450 on eBay, so console yourself with this T-shirt from the very fine $12 ("If you're interested in the Optigan T-shirt, unfortunately you'll have to wait a few months.")
Wah Wah: London-based Wah Wah do masses of music-themed T-Shirts, including Mosrite, Moog, Coloursound, and so on. £18.95
Eventide: Can you imagine how excited you'd be if you spotted another MT reader wearing one of these t-shirts? That's right! Almost excited. $15.95
Elektron: Inevitably, Elektron have a very cool range of t-shirts. Their 'SID' is nice, but my vote goes for the granny-baffling 'I'm with Machinedrum'€40
Important Records: I'm pretty sure nobody connected with EMS will see a penny from them, but these guys have an eBay shop selling T-shirts with various Moog, EMS and Korg synths on the front. $9.99

add to this list the classic Urei mixer t-shirt. DJs, house music heads and gearwhores from Chicago to London will thank you. ;)
In addition to the Optigan T-shirt, the site offers a sample CD-ROM. I forget how much it is, but it's less than 450 UK pounds/US$900 and is not sold As Is.

From a prehistoric time when Optigans would surface in thrift stores and flea markets for 10 or 20 bucks . . .
Hmm... the sample CD is $199 and - if you read the description on the same page as the T-Shirts - pretty much is sold 'as is'.
Forgive my hazy recall. You're absolutely right: the CD-ROM is As Is in that here are buggy loop points or some such that the creators never worked out. Having not yet learned my lesson, I still speaking from memory here, not the site.

But it would appear that debugging sample loops/paying 200 dollars US is a somewhat different story from paying 900 bucks for a love-it-cause-it's-quirky Optigan with only 4 or 5 discs thrown in. Not to judge the seller or anyone who wants an Optigan that much etc., it just seems_especially_pricey.

As implied in the prehistoric time comment, a third (if dwindling) option is keep your eyes out for Optigans in thrift stores, etc. Finding one that way may (or may not) be as likely now as being struck by lightning, but it would be something like 20 dollar lightning not 900 or 199.

In any case, forgive a aging man's vague & cranky ways; Music Thing is the coolest.

--A big fan of cheap optigans and Music Thing.
I had just emailed to get a shipping quote on a T-shirt, when I got this auto-reply:


Until further notice, I won't be handling any Shoptigan sales. Anyone interested in purchasing copies of the Optigan/Orchestron/Talentmaker sampling CD-ROM should direct their inquiries to my partner in this venture, Dave Kean (Audities Foundation). You can email him here:

...or visit for more details.

If you're interested in Optiganally Yours CDs, try or most other online music shops. If you're interested in the Johnny Largo CD, the Optigan T-shirt, or the OptiDocs CD-R, unfortunately you'll have to wait a few months. I'll contact you when I'm able to resume sales see whether or not you're still interested.

Thanks for your patience!
Pea Hicks

A few months ago, a young man in my town wrote me an email asking if I heard of this odd organ he happened to stumble upon.

His high school theatre department was getting rid of junk they had in storage. This organ played clear plastic discs. It was used as a prop, and was about to be tossed.

He was able to buy it from his school for $20. It was called "Optigan". Had I heard anything about it? Could I fix its minor flaws?

The devil on my shoulder wanted me to offer him twice what he bought it for. As is. Crackly pots and all. Maybe throw in an extra $5 for the Movin' disc.

But I was honest. I told him what a gem he found. It's really in great condition. I haven't had a chance to fix it up for him, but I got to play it. Totally cool.
The best music geek t-shirts I've seen this year are the John Cage - 4'33" and the George Crumb - Spiral Galaxy t-shirts.

You guys should check out my new shop called Gear Addict. We have designs ranging from vintage, analog, and modular synths, to recording related (microphones...etc), to theremins, drum machines...all kinds of stuff. We design our shirts by talking to customers and finding out what they want, so feel free to email us and let me know what you would like to see on shirt. Hope you like our designs, there is something for everyone.
Gear Addict Clothing & Accessories
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