eBay of the Day: German alpine folk music module

If you can imagine a piece of music kit, then it's a pretty safe bet that someone out there has produced, marketed and lost money on it. I'd never imagined a stand-alone rackmount sound module specifically designed for German alpine folk music, but the Hohner 'Alp Inside' is just that. The only description I can track down says: "Not only for the accordionists. Perfectly arranged 128 sounds for folk music and popular Popmusik, various accordion sounds, additional Samples from Bariton to zither." You've got to love the cow-hide print on the case and if you've got €99, it would go perfectly with a MIDI Accordion, or maybe some MIDI Bagpipes.


#342 of things I never thought I'd hear: "hold on while I re-boot my accordian."
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