My New Thing: Dynacord VRS23

My New Thing is a new regular MT feature. If you've bought something interesting and/or cheap, why not write in with a pic and some sound samples and a story?
What is is?A rackmount analog delay, from 1982, with 'Made in West Germany' written on the back. 400ms delay, a weird stereo reverb setting (just lots of short delays), and a lot cheaper than the more famous Ibanez AD202, which costs up to $250. This was €100 from eBay Germany.
Good Bits: One knob per control - it's all there to tweak. It's big and heavy and properly made (the chips inside are all in sockets). The 12-LED meter glows beautifully. It sounds warm and solid and right with guitar or synth or drum machine. This [800k MP3] is an Alesis Ion piano part, first clean, then delayed - the wall of fizz and buzz and sizzle brings it to life. This [200k MP3] is just some VST synth and drum plinks delayed and tweaked.
Bad Bits: It's 23 years old and I'm sure it will die, and the BBD chips inside are getting rare. It is great to use, but pretty noisy, I'm not sure it really sounds any better than Ronin.
Should I buy one: Yes, if you like old, clever boxes, and you find one cheap.

boo hoo where's today's post???
here here :(
....I've become addicted to MT over the passed 2 weeks!!!
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