'Le Cybersongosse' modular synth for kids

André writes: "I'm a French reader of your blog and I found him every time so interesting and so astonish." Which is the nicest thing anyone's ever said about MT. He brings news of 'Le Cybersongosse', a fantastically psychedelic music machine for teaching recording and synthesis to schoolchildren. I think it looks like a cross between between Sly Stone's organ, a Buchla 200e and Jörgen Bergfors' incredible DIY modular. This PDF leaflet explains everything. It's a hardware interface to MAX/MSP software running on a G5. If this is what passes for education in French schools, it's no wonder Daft Punk sound like they do.

That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
Absolutely man. This makes me proud to have vague french heritage!
I'd gig with it...
How can I get one???? Are they for sale??
please post back info if you know

Santa please put one in my stocking!

MT can you please put a "Buy it now" button on your home page!!! ;)
I don't care what that thing is, I want it now.

It's so happy looking.
Whoah, before you said interface to G5 and Max, I thought this would be the next big thing for indie rockers (un?)ironically reaching back to childhood. Like you'd play it with your My Little Pony T-shirt on.
Someone needs to pair this up with one of those humongous "Educational model" Korg MS-20s...that thing looks like a Buchla on acid!
Actually this is about ten times as educational as anything I ever did in school, because I know I'd remember it now.
WOW! I'm gear horny! What's the price? Anyone?
you could get here a circuit bent something or other that only has buttons. ??? a lot of those things have built-in speakers.

or one of those cheapo yamaha drum pad things? some wierdly tuned bongos?

too bad roland mc-303's dont have built in speakers..
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