Another reason to love the French: Space

Thanks to 'Rude 66' on Analogue Heaven for finding this [15mb WMV] - the legendary video for Spanish Magic Fly by Space.

I need to get more music by Space.
Daft punk are just rippers :)
robot rock is a bad copy of the space video.

Space is a one shot project I've got the 45rpm disc, unable to find other titles from them . what a shame.
Oh whoops, see I thought the Space album I have doesn't have this song but does, only its called Magic Fly.
this video rocks. really shows up so many modern clips for what they are - overblown, overbudgeted crap. fun, simple idea, sense of humour intact, great bit of music, hot eurasian disco babe. what more could you want?
I really dug the camera's focus on the dancer's crotch.
France! So that's where they're from? I've had one of their lps for years, but I never knew anything about them (and never cared enough to look them up).
I already have a love/hate relationship with this video and i'm only half-way through it!

I HATE seeing people play monophonics with two hands! i love the 'video feedback' effect though. That drummer is quite 'teh ghey' (sorry)

Stuff this VAPID is what almost killed electronic music in the 80s AND I believe it did kill good sci-fi. Y'all please don't let it get this corny again.
Again....why don't they just use their otheer hand for the cutoff knob or pitchwheel or something???

Real spacemen play their minimoogs standing up thank you! at least not in their damn laps!

Taking back the night.
"Stuff this VAPID is what almost killed electronic music in the 80s"
Vapid is good! Electronic music was vital and alive in the '80s. It was those boring anonymous geeks in the late '90s that almost killed it. Give me Space over Autechre, any day...
I guess it's a matter of perspective. I'm, admittedly, a little sensitive about the whole 'pre-digital sci-fi' aesthetic and its 'commercial bastardization' in the early 80s. I think it nipped in the bud what was still a wonderful , uh, 'genre' once everyone got sick of seeing robots and synthesizers everywhere on TV an' shit. Sorta like how Disco died once the grateful dead did disco. And that spawned Grunge and you all know it, Damn you! (not you, but 'them')

I am so stuck in 1981. man, i will never leave.

(..working out personal issues)

P.S. you (anyone) can take Autechre
I feel so strange, after seeing that video...

Well, at least it is real retrocrap, today we only get commercecrap. I do not listen to the radio anymore...
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