DIY Worm-powered Synth

Perhaps inspired by last week's Hamster powered sequencer, Tim writes to let me know about Peter Blasser, a Baltimore-based circuit bender who has built a synth (Called Din Datin Dudero) with a patchbay controlled by live worms. As the worms wriggle around the contact pins, the circuits inside the synth are modified, and different sounds come out. And Peter is convinced his worms enjoyed touring: "The worms seem to like being electrically stimulated... With the din datin dudero, we can induce all sorts of new sensations in the worms - new waveshapes at new and unfelt speeds... They squirm into action as all the nodes are stimulating them and they crawl around touching thiings together and making it go crazy." Full story here.
Peter also sells synth kits which could well be worm-compatible.

"The worms seem to like being electrically stimulated..."

Retard. That squirming is a flight response. It's scared, because you're hurting it, so it is trying to run away, find soft dirt, and burrow, which of course it cannot do.

What you've just done is the equivalent of throwing a baby in a pool and tossing some acid in for good measure so you can watch it burn slowly.
hm. of course there is no difference between a common earth worm and a human child.

i think it's quite interesting.
Man, I need to get me some fresh babies so I can go fishing, my old batch dried up...and besides, the fish like it when there's a little wiggle action on the hook.
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