Crazy name, crazy thing…

Peter over at Create Digital Music has been tipped off about a new handheld music composition & synthesis device that no-one had bothered to tell us about. We'll stop sobbing long enough to tell you that the MAD Player offers sampling, synthesis, algorithmic compostition, karaoke, and a whole bunch of other stuff in a 170mm box. It sounds pretty decent too. We can see quite an uptake for this little gizmo in the lucrative sweaty man / McRorie demographic. Now, back to Tom in the studio , where our regular Godfried coverage continues…

Well, Kevin, drummer from the Nettles (Celtic with a Kick) did get in touch with us (and CDM), but I hadn't got round to reading his email! Thanks, Kevin.
Well, I'm a guitarist actually, but I do bang it a fair bit.

Shop around a bit for a good price on the machine, which varies from $40 to $300 USD for the same device. The capabilities of the MadPlayer are tremendous for the price. It generates copyright-free rhythm tracks on the fly.

For $40, this is definately something I'd like to try...
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